4,000 advisers to support the French

Thanks to the recovery, accelerate digital inclusion. This is the meaning of the intervention, Tuesday, November 17, by two members of the government, Jacqueline Gourault, Minister of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities, and Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications, at the Numériques en commun event.

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This should have brought together, in Lyon, professionals from the public sector, businesses, digital mediation, social support and research… but will take place entirely online. Digital inclusion benefits from a global envelope of 250 million euros within France Relance.

200 million euros for advisers

The main measure, costing 200 million euros, consists of recruiting and training nearly 4,000 “digital advisers”, who will be deployed throughout France. Their mission will then be to support the public, through workshops or training in digital tools, to learn how to exchange with a loved one, buy or sell an object, protect their data, follow an administrative process …

The State will provide up to 50,000 € for a work contract supported by a local authority and 40,000 € by a private actor, the latter being for example an association, or a company of the social and solidarity economy. Those interested in the profession of “digital advisor” can now apply on a platform put online by the government.

Generalize “Caregivers Connect”

A second element of support for digital inclusion, costed at 40 million euros, will be in support of the creation of digital inclusion modules. “We must make them more visible and accessible”, explains a government adviser. In places of passage, such as France Service houses, which aim to help and simplify the procedures for users of administrative services, or libraries.

Finally, ten million euros will be devoted to the generalization of the “Aidants Connect” tool. This has already been tested in thirteen structures spread over ten departments. It allows a user to be helped by a professional authorized to carry out an administrative process: payment of taxes, claim for social rights, etc. The envelope devoted to “Aidants Connect” must allow caregivers to improve their skills.

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At the same time, without the digital pass being the subject of an additional boost, the government notes the continuation of its deployment. Materialized by check books, it gives its beneficiary the right to access digital support services, with full or partial coverage by a third-party payer. To date, there are 475 organizations, or 700 points of presence, labeled for distribution.


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