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40,000 people demonstrate against lockdown and vaccination requirements in Austria

All over Europe, tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the Corona measures of their governments this weekend. Thousands of people took to the streets in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Their protests were mainly directed against the partial lockdown that had been imposed three weeks ago. Among other things, bars, restaurants and many shops have to close at five in the afternoon. The number of infections in the Netherlands fell slightly in the past week, but they remain close to their record levels.

There were also protests in the Austrian capital Vienna. More than 40,000 people took to the streets. There were a total of 27 demonstration trains in the city. The government had ordered 1,200 additional police officers to ensure security. A country-wide partial lockdown has been in effect in Austria since November 22nd. In addition, a corona vaccination has been announced.

In Barcelona, ​​people protested against the introduction of a vaccination certificate in the region of Catalonia. On Saturday a law came into force that made the ID compulsory. According to official figures, almost 90 percent of people in Spain are vaccinated. The government has started a campaign to convince those who are still undecided.

Thousands of nurses took to the streets in the French capital, Paris. There was a rally in front of the Ministry of Health. The demonstrators called for better working conditions and more money for the health and care professions. Thrift is deadly, said several speakers.


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