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Five new cases of infection have been registered in Bodø in the last 24 hours. All cases probably apply to it South African variant of the coronavirus.

Tor Claudi, chief physician in Bodø.

Photo: Erik M. Sundt

All are close contacts of previously known cases of infection, says health manager Stian Wik Rasmussen in a press release.

Infection control doctor Kai Brynjar Hagen in Bodø says the cases are most likely due to travel activities.

– Now we do not have irrefutable evidence for that, but most likely it is travel business from abroad that makes it come here, Hagen says to NRK on Saturday morning.

– Not particularly excited

On Friday, municipal chief physician Tor Claudi said all the new cases of infection are linked to the South African virus variant. NIPH has previously said that the variant does not appear to cause more serious illness, but can be more contagious.

– Firstly, we were not particularly excited when we found out that it was the South African variant. On the other hand, we were out very early with the infection tracking. So we have a certain feeling that we have an overview, and perhaps we are approaching a certain control, says municipal chief Claudi to NRK on Saturday.

– The last six new cases are people we know from before, who we have mapped, and who we have in quarantine. The experience from the past is that it is often a good sign when we know the new cases of infection, says Claudi.

A total of more people were infected in the outbreak, and 350 people were quarantined. Nevertheless, the municipality has not implemented any special measures.

Claudi says the reason why Bodø has not introduced stricter measures so far is that you have a feeling that you are in control.

– We do not think it is necessary with any general shutdown, to follow this. But we are constantly considering that.

Post-registration gave jumps

The infection trend in Norway is flat.

In the last 24 hours, 425 cases of infection have been registered in Norway. That is 161 more than Thursday, and 154 more than the same day last week.

The figure is more than twice as high as the average last week, and apparently the highest daily estimate in three weeks.

This is due to a post-registration of approximately 100 cases from Oslo Municipality on Tuesday and Wednesday. FHI writes in another email VG that there have been technical problems with obtaining figures from Oslo.

This has led to both Oslo and Norway having too low numbers this week, and thus an artificially high number on Friday.

Oslo Municipality itself reports 90 new cases of infection on Saturday.

At the same time, assistant health director Espen Rostrup Nakstad says Dagbladet that the British corona variant can account for up to 10 percent of recent cases of infection in Norway.


At the beginning of the weekend before the winter holidays in Eastern Norway, 425 new corona infections have been registered in Norway. At Hemsedal ski center, there are strict corona measures in the queues for the ski lifts.

Photo: Halvard Alvik / NTB

Several minor mutant outbreaks

On Friday, Fredriksstad Blad wrote that their calculation shows that four outbreaks of mutated coronavirus have resulted in 103 cases of infection in a short time in Fredrikstad.

In Halden, a new infection cluster of four people has been discovered where the route of infection is unknown, the municipality states. The other five infected are close contacts to previously infected. One of these can be traced back to the eruption in Ishallen, the municipality writes.

There are now 433 people living in Halden who have tested positive for coronavirus since the outbreak in March last year.

In Fredrikstad, all six new cases of infection that were detected on Friday are close contacts to known cases of infection.

– It is allowed to be optimistic now and think that we are in the process of beating down the outbreak that came in the wake of the Comet outbreak. However, we see that there are several minor outbreaks of mutated virus in us and in our neighboring municipalities, so we must continue to be sharpened, says municipal chief physician Anne Kristine Nitter.

13 cases of infection in Bergen

13 new cases of infection have been registered in Bergen in the last 24 hours. Ten of the cases are close contacts.

Currently, three people have an unknown or uncertain route of transmission, writes Bergens Tidende.

At the same time, three new cases of the South African virus variant and two of the British have been detected. A total of 24 cases of the South African mutation and 23 of the British have been registered in the county.

222,000 vaccinated

221,819 people have received the first dose of the coronary vaccines, and 66,178 have received the second dose.

On Friday, 80 patients were hospitalized with covid-19 disease – two fewer than the day before.

A total of 592 corona-infected people have lost their lives in Norway since March. It is not always possible to determine whether patients have died of or with covid-19 disease.

64 percent of all deaths were 80 years or older. In the age group under 50, nine deaths have been reported.

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