437 new deaths recorded in hospital in 24 hours, more than 4,800 patients in intensive care

An intensive care unit in Muret, near Toulouse. – AFP

The coronavirus epidemic has resulted in the death of 437 patients in hospital in 24 hours, the director general of health Jérôme Salomon announced on Tuesday. France has passed the mark of two million confirmed cases since the start of the epidemic, he added.

“The second wave is massive, deadly (…) this evening we cross the threshold of two million cases of Covid-19”, with 2,036,755 confirmed cases, said Jérôme Salomon during a press briefing. That is 45,552 more cases in 24 hours compared to the figures given on Monday by Public Health France.

An “unequaled” number of hospitalized patients

In 24 hours, 437 new deaths were recorded in the hospital for a total death toll of at least 46,273 deaths since the start of the epidemic (taking into account the medico-social establishments, in particular the nursing homes), has t -he indicates. He also said that there was “yesterday (Monday) an unprecedented number of 33,500 Covid patients hospitalized” in France, even if “our collective efforts are starting to bear fruit” and that “the epidemic is slowing down”.

During the spring epidemic peak, the number of hospitalized Covid patients reached a maximum of 32,292 in mid-April, when more than 6,500 people were in intensive care. “Hospital pressure remains very strong”, noted Jérôme Salomon, with in particular 4,854 Covid patients in intensive care on Tuesday, for a total of patients in shifts, all pathologies combined, greater than 8,000 (including 3,300 non-Covid patients).

In total “nearly 26 million PCR tests have been carried out since March” and the new “antigenic tests are an additional valuable asset”, with 32,935 people tested positive since the beginning of November thanks to these rapid tests.

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