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5.5 million appointments made for the booster dose since government announcements

Since Olivier Véran’s speech on November 25, the French are around 615,000 to make an appointment every day.

Since the speech by Minister of Health Olivier Véran on November 25, nearly 5.5 million appointments have been made on Doctolib for the booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Changes in the number of appointments made with Doctolib for a booster dose. Credit: Doctolib

Since that date, the French have been around 615,000 to make an appointment every day, with a peak of more than 1.1 million appointments made the day after Olivier Véran’s speech. Indeed, the Minister of Health had announced the opening of the vaccine booster to all adults as early as five months after their last dose and the conditioning of the health pass to this new injection for all adults from January 15. Seniors will be affected on December 15.

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8.5 million French people received their booster dose

After a sluggish start, the recall campaign has therefore accelerated in recent weeks. According to data from the appointment scheduling platform, as of December 1, more than 8.5 million French people had received their booster dose, or 12.8% of the population.

Evolution of the proportion of the population vaccinated with a booster dose. Credit: Doctolib

But faced with this strong demand, the Doctolib site was taken by storm, sometimes making it difficult to make an appointment. Alternatives exist such as vaccination in pharmacies. Doctor Philippe Besset, President of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Syndicates of France (FSPF) explains that “there are about 2000 pharmacies that are listed on the internet, but more than 16,000 vaccinate“. The ViteMaDose website brings together all the niches available on the various online appointment booking platforms such as Doctolib but also Keldoc or Maiia.


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