5 consecutive wins with ‘Closing Magic’ in 3 consecutive kt matches… Doosan fell to 8th place

5 consecutive wins with ‘Closing Magic’ in 3 consecutive kt matches… Doosan fell to 8th place

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kt wiz performed the magic of ending 3 games in a row and hummed for 5 consecutive wins.

In the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home match against Kiwoom Heroes at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 17th, kt won 3-2 thanks to Anthony Alford’s left-handed double hit at first base in the bottom of the ninth inning.

The number of rides between 4th place KT and 3rd place Kiwoom was reduced to two games.

On the 14th, kt made the Samsung Lions cry with Shim Woo-jun’s finish-off hit, and on the 16th, Bae-jeong-dae beat Kiwoom with the finish-off sacrifice fly.

Then, on the 17th, he won with a close-out hit, leaving a record of three consecutive win-wins, which had only happened five times in history.

On the day of the tense pitching match between Eric Yokishi (Kiwoom) and Wes Benjamin (kt), Kiwoom took the lead with Kim Hye-sung’s dominant solo home run in the 3rd inning.

In the 8th inning, Lee Ji-young completely penetrated the right middle of kt’s outfield, where he defended forward, and landed at third base, and after kt second baseman Park Kyung-soo’s third base throw went into the dugout, he got a safe advance right and stepped on the home to score a 2-0 score. widened

After many chances, kt struggled to tie the score in the bottom of the 8th.

Alford’s double hit on the left and Park Byeong-ho’s intentional walk resulted in two-off first and second bases. When Cho Yong-ho hit the shortstop’s infield, Alford quickly went around third and took a home.

At first and second bases that followed, pinch hitter Min-hyeok Kim hit a heavy hit that tied 2-2.

Alford, who entered the plate again at the end of the ninth inning, beat Ha Young-min of Kiwoom with a double that fell to the left of left fielder, and Min-seop Song threw himself toward home to end the game.

Only the Doosan Bears lost out of the top 5 competing teams, and the KIA Tigers, Lotte Giants, and NC Dinos sang the victory.

Doosan retreated one step from 7th to 8th, and NC moved up one step to 7th, behind 6th-place Lotte, without a win rate.

The gap between fifth-placed KIA and tied for sixth place is still five games.

Lotte beat Doosan 8-6 in the home room in Busan.

At the start of the first inning, Doosan scored two points by tying up three consecutive hits from Kim In-tae’s Woo Jung-wol double, Yang Seok-hwan and Jose Miguel Fernandes, and took a 4-0 lead with Ahn Seung-han’s just-in-time hit and Kim Dae-han’s sacrifice fly.

Lotte counterattacked with Lee Dae-ho’s sweeping mid-month double in the samurai full base, which was made up of two walks and two hits after the airlift shift.

Lee Dae-ho died at home when he landed in front of Han Dong-hee’s pitcher at 1st and 3rd base, but at the end of the second baseman Kang Seung-ho’s mistake, Park Seung-wook’s two RBI hit in the left center and Doosan starter Choi Won-jun He added three points and turned the game over to 6-4.

Lotte ran again at the bottom of the 6th inning when Doosan tied the score 6-6 with an infield ground ball from Jung Soo-bin and a sacrifice fly from Heo Kyung-min in the early 6th inning.

Jun-woo Jeon, who appeared on the first two and third bases made with walks, hits, and sending bunts, beat Doosan Guguman Kim Myung-shin with a right-handed hit and called both runners to the home.

Lotte paid special tribute to former Youngsan University professor Kerry Maher (USA), the mascot of Sajik Stadium, who passed away the day before.

KIA defeated the leader SSG Landers 4-3 at the Gwangju Kia Champions Field.

KIA took the lead with Na Seong-beom’s dominant three-run homer on first and second bases in the first inning, but gave up three points at once in the beginning of the eighth inning.

SSG main gun Choi Jeong drew a left-wing solo arch in pursuit of KIA’s fourth pitcher Kim Jae-yeol.

Hanyu Island’s double and Jeonuisan’s right-handed hit followed immediately, followed by SSG 2-3.

Even the fielders could not help with the KIA bullpen greatly weakened due to the group injury of the Pilseung Fighting Team.

Shortstop Chan-ho Park blew Juan Lagares’s batting bat to the back, leading to a crisis at first and third bases. In the end, Joo-Hwan Choi hit a right-handed hit that turned the game around.

KIA got a chance to get a second base with a send bunt when the leader Park Dong-won went out with a fit ball at the end of the 8th inning.

Park Chan-ho, who gave the reason for the tie, relieved the burden of his heart by hitting a heavy hit against Noh Kyung-eun, the bullpen of the SSG victory.

Gi-Young Lim, who appeared in the ninth inning, was hit by a double by Choi Jeong and faced a difficult time re-tying at 2 and 3, but ended the game without conceding and earned the first save since her professional debut in 2012.

NC defeated the Hanwha Eagles 6-4 at home in Changwon.

In the first inning, NC led 3-0 by tying Yang Eui-ji’s double RBI in the middle right and Kwon Hee-dong’s heavy hit in the first inning. received the white flag of

In the early 8th inning, which was led 0-6, Hanwha pursued 4 points with Jang Woon-ho’s right-middle hit, a push-pull ball, an infield ground ball, and Kim Tae-yeon’s heavy hit, but it wasn’t enough innings to turn the game around.

NC Jaehak Lee put the Hanwha line to rest with a back-throw without a score in 5 innings. Hanwha, the lowest ranked player with four consecutive losses, was the first to suffer 70 losses (31 wins, 2 draws) in the season.

2nd place LG Twins defeated Samsung Lions 11-7 at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

LG beat Kiwoom by 3.5 games to secure second place.

When Samsung drew 5 points in the first half of the second inning, behind 0-2, LG also tied two walks and 4 hits at the end of the second inning to score 5 points and regain the initiative.

LG added one point with Hong Chang-gi’s heavy hit in the 3rd inning and then added 1 point in the 6th to 8th innings, giving Samsung no room to pursue.

The first batter Hong Chang-gi and the second hitter Park Hae-min worked as table setters by collaborating 5 runs and 3 RBIs in 3 hits in 6 at-bats. Hyun-soo Kim 3 times, Eun-seong Chae 4 times, and Oh Ji-hwan 5 times took the lead in scoring with 7 RBIs.

LG right-hander Song Eun-beom (38), who made two relief appearances and gave up 1⅓ innings with one run, added another win in 455 days since winning a relief victory against NC on May 19 last year.

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