5 early signs of dementia, including memory loss and mood changes

Mild forgetfulness is normal for many people of all age groups, but with age, we become more susceptible to developing mental health conditions known as dementia Or cognitive decline, it’s not a specific disease, but a group of conditions, characterized by impairment of at least two brain functions, such as memory loss and judgment.

Studies show that there are some subtle warning signs before dementia sets in, and although there is no cure for this mental health condition and it can’t be prevented, starting treatment early can help manage the condition better, according to the Times of India. There are 5 early warning signs of dementia.

Inability to detect speech

According to a new study by researchers from the University of Oxford, the inability to detect speech could indicate a risk of dementia. The inability to detect speech is generally considered a sign of hearing impairment, but Oxford researchers have linked it to dementia as well.

According to the researchers, those who experienced hard of hearing in a noisy environment were more likely to develop dementia compared to those who did not have difficulty hearing.

memory loss

Memory loss is one of the initial symptoms of dementia. A person who is about to develop this condition often finds it difficult to remember information, and finds them relying on the people around them to keep track of such details, knowing that people who occasionally forget something and then remember it later are indescribable. It’s dementia, it’s just an issue of age.

You find it difficult to carry out familiar daily tasks

With dementia, doing basic tasks like making a cup of tea and running a computer becomes difficult. These are some of the tasks you may have done for several years and yet find it difficult to complete. You may encounter this difficulty at work or at home.

Struggling to follow a conversation or find the right word

People with dementia may also find it difficult to participate in a conversation or put their thoughts into words. They may forget what they were talking about or what the other person said. Having a conversation with such a person can be difficult, and it may take longer to finish. Many people make language mistakes or their handwriting becomes difficult to read.

mood change

You can easily recognize the signs of dementia by the frequent mood changes in people who suffer from it, you may sometimes feel happy and energetic and then depressed and sad, there will be a gradual personality shift very clearly, and people who suffer from depression are also at risk of developing dementia.


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