5 employees arrested for stealing € 500,000 from iPhones 12

Pending trial, these five former Amazon employees should escape the title of employee of the month.

Credits: Geralt via Pixabay CC

Half a million euros worth of goods, i.e. more than 550 iPhones 12. This is the amount of loot collected by a group of five (ex-) Amazon employees. Employees in a logistics center of the company in Spain, they had nevertheless set up a scheme as simple as it was effective. While an accomplice placed orders on the e-commerce site, the latter discreetly replaced the products ordered with iPhones 12 and iPhones 12 Pro, reports the site Apple Insider. Unfortunately for them, Jeff Bezos’ company finally realized the deception because of the weight differences detected on some packages, which turned out to be heavier than they should have.

Suspecting internal fraud, Amazon has launched an investigation within its logistics center, even going so far as to place hidden cameras to monitor its employees. After being unmasked, four of the five accused employees were directly arrested at their workplace. The fifth surrendered to the authorities on his own. All were in possession of several 12 iPhones waiting to be shipped to their accomplice. The investigation reveals that they were also in possession of a large number of stickers bearing IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity, the identification code of a smartphone) numbers taken from various boxes of the brand’s new flagship at the apple and intended to hinder possible research. Unsurprisingly, the five employees in question were quickly fired by Amazon and are now awaiting trial. For its part, the Spanish police are still looking for the stolen iPhones, the total amount of which still amounts to more than 500 000 €, as well as the alleged accomplice of the organized gang, who has still not been identified.

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