5 Facts of Sameera Fazili, US Office of the Hijab Shaking the White House


The figure of Sameera Fazili suddenly became popular with the public, Bunda. This woman of Kashmiri descent made a scene after appearing at a press conference at White House United States (US).

In the video circulating, Fazili appears to be wearing a black hijab. He appeared neatly with a matching hijab-colored coat, covering the black and white clothes he was wearing.

Fazili’s presence sparked various public reactions. The reason is, the presence of Fazili seems to be a breath of fresh air in the era of leadership Joe Biden.

Then, what exactly is Sameera Fazili like? Summarizing from various sources, here are the facts about Sameera Fazili:

1. Women of Kashmir descent

Sameera Fazili is the daughter of Mohammad Yusuf Fazili and Rafiqa Fazili. Fazili’s parents, who come from Gojwara, Khasmir, northern Indian, are doctors, Bunda.

Fazili migrated to the US from Kashmir with his parents. He then continued his education in the US, until finally he could enter the government.

2. Graduated from Harvard and Yale University

Sameera Fazili obtained a bachelor’s degree in social science from Harvard College. In this school, Fazili managed to become the best graduate and won the title with great praise.

Fazili then continued his studies at Yale Law School and obtained the title of Juris Doctor. From then on, he began teaching there and expanded his work in economics.

Before entering law school, Fazili worked at a Muslim women’s law firm for Human rights (HAM). He is known as an activist for freedom of religion and international human rights.

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[Gambas:Video Haibunda]


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