5 golden tips to get rid of belly fat.. reduce sugar and eat fiber

Belly fat contributes to an increased risk of obesity, metabolic disorders, diabetes and other chronic health problems, while there are a plethora of diet fads and exercise regimes that can help burn fat. belly fat Stubborn like a pro, in this report we learn about the top 5 tips to help you lose belly fat like a pro, according to a website report.timesnownews“.

Increase fiber intake

Fiber is a macronutrient that maintains a healthy digestive system and prevents constipation. According to a study, an increase in daily fiber intake by 10 grams helps reduce belly fat levels by 3.7%. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, whole grains, whole wheat bread and pasta are rich sources. With fiber – foods that can help prevent bloating and may, over time, reduce the risk of stroke.

Enjoy healthy snacks with care

Experts recommend snacking wisely – choosing nuts and seeds instead of low-fat yogurt, crackers, fat-free crackers and sugar-free soft drinks because they do not benefit your health.

cut down on sugar

Sugar is another enemy of health – it increases the risk of belly fat accumulation, the risk of obesity, and over time it can contribute to diabetes too if eaten without counting, however, sugar does not specifically mean refined white sugar – it also includes energy drinks , packaged biscuits, biscuits, cereals, and fruits.

strength training exercise

Strength training is highly effective for losing weight and burning belly fat. According to several studies, it burns fat more effectively and builds muscle mass as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, strength training twice a week can be beneficial for burning belly fat.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep can also contribute to losing belly fat as it helps manage cortisol levels. Sleep induces feelings of well-being, curbs food cravings, keeps appetite in check, and gives you more energy to move around.

According to a study conducted by experts from Columbia University, sleep-deprived people want to consume 300 extra calories more than those who get enough rest.


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