5 habits that are at risk of endangering the heart

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Heart disease can affect anyone regardless of age or gender. However, this can still be prevented if you do not engage in harmful habits heart.

Based on 2015 WHO data, 70 percent of deaths in the world are caused by Non-Communicable Diseases (PTM), where 45 percent come from heart and blood vessel disease.

Habits That Harm the Heart

Heart disease can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding a number of bad habits, including the following:

1. Smoking

Smoking is a habit that can harm the heart. (Photo: Pixabay / realworkhard)

Smoking is one of the three main factors for a person to develop heart disease, and nearly a third of them cause death.

Quoting from Penn Medicine, every time you inhale a cigarette is the same as putting more than 5 thousand harmful chemicals into the body.

One of the chemicals in cigarettes is carbon monoxide, which can reduce the amount of oxygen in red blood cells and damage the heart.
Besides harming the heart, smoking continuously can also increase the amount of cholesterol in the arteries
Both bars and e-cigarettes are dangerous because you are still exposed to nicotine, toxins, metals and other contaminants.

2. Eat Too Much

Illustration of Indonesian CuisineOvereating is a habit that can harm the heart (Photo: Doc. Thinkstockphotos / Panmaule)

The habit of eating too much can lead to being overweight to obesity which is at risk of heart disease. Too high fat levels in the blood, resulting in blockage due to plaque buildup in blood vessels.

To anticipate to reduce the risk of heart disease, you should eat foods rich in nutrients and good for the heart, such as citrus fruits, tuna, and green vegetables.

Avoid overeating before rest or sleeping at night, because this habit has bad effects that are not only dangerous for the heart but also a risk of:

– Sleep disturbance because the stomach feels like it.
– GERD or stomach disease that increases stomach acid up into the esophagus.
– Diabetes mellitus is due to the accumulation of fat, especially the stomach and can interfere with sugar metabolism.

3. Lack of Physical Activity

Top back view portrait of sleepy woman lying on stomach wearing pants singlet tired after hard dayOne of the habits that can harm the heart is lack of physical activity (Photo: Istockphoto / Deagreez)

Another habit that endangers the heart is lack of physical activity, one of which is too long sitting or leaning back / sleeping.

Lack of activity and not doing much movement can increase the accumulation of fat and blood sugar, causing sudden heart attacks and strokes.

For that get used to exercising regularly and regularly. You don’t need to do anything hard right away, but try taking a leisurely walk, cleaning the house or going up and down stairs.

The duration of physical activity to maintain heart health is at least 20 minutes per day or 150 minutes per week. This is enough to help lower cholesterol and strengthen the heart muscle.

4. Excessive alcohol consumption

Illustration of Beer Alcoholic BeveragesNot being wise in consuming alcohol can harm a person’s heart (Photo: Republica / Pixabay)

The bad impact of consuming too much alcoholic drink has the potential to cause health problems, including the heart.

Consumption of excessive alcohol drinks in a day, the risk of increasing triglyceride levels which causes the oxidation of fatty acids to be disrupted so that it accumulates in the liver.

Not only is it dangerous for heart health, alcohol consumption can also make high blood pressure and blood fat levels increase and trigger heart failure.

The maximum dose for men when drinking alcohol is only two glasses a day and one glass for women. But, the best way is to drink lots of water.

5. Stress

Infographic Children No Longer Want to LiveManaging stress is best done to avoid heart problems (Photo: CNN Indonesia / Laudy Gracivia)

Stress and depression should not be taken lightly, as they can put you at a higher risk of developing heart disease.

When a person is under stress, his body will experience an increase in blood pressure which forces the heart to work too hard and cause permanent damage.

In fact, stress conditions also lead sufferers to do unhealthy things such as smoking, drinking alcohol with unnatural amounts, eating carelessly and excessively.

For that, smart in managing stress is very important. You can switch to exercise, meditation or yoga, listening to music, or if necessary, consulting a psychologist.

Habits that are bad for the heart as above can indeed be unavoidable. But, all of that must be prevented so that things that are harmful do not occur.

In addition to changing your lifestyle to be healthier and leaving habits that harm your heart, don’t forget to do it regularly medical check up.

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