5 new corona infections in Drenthe

That is the lowest number of all Dutch provinces. In relative terms, Drenthe is also at the bottom of the list of new infections (one infection per 100,000 inhabitants). Most new infections were detected in the province of South Holland (1,209, which is 32.6 per 100,000 inhabitants).


The total number of corona infections in the Netherlands almost doubled last week compared to a week earlier. RIVM received 2,588 reports of newly identified infections. The number of positively tested Dutch people is therefore 95 percent higher than a week earlier, when RIVM registered 1,329 infections.

Six corona patients have died according to official figures. Hospitals admitted 44 new patients who contracted the virus last week, 21 more than the week before.

The increase in the number of infections in the RIVM report last week was 35 percent compared to the previous week, when the GGDs in the country tested 534 people positive.

Reproduction figure

The so-called reproduction number, which indicates how fast the coronavirus spreads, has fallen to 1.20. Last week it was at 1.40 and the week before it was 1.29. Although the number has fallen, its lower limit is still above 1 and that means the virus is still spreading.

With a reproduction number of 1.2, 100 corona patients cause 120 others to contract the disease, who in turn infect 144 people. If the reproduction number is above 1, the virus spreads. If the number is less than 1, the outbreak slowly dies out. In February and March, when the virus appeared in the Netherlands and many people fell ill in a short time, the reproduction number was around 2.

Press conference

On Thursday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge of Health will hold a press conference on the current state of affairs regarding corona in the Netherlands at 7 p.m. The National Information Service reports that they will ‘indicate the general situation, zoom in on the situation in certain regions and, if necessary, announce additional, regional support measures’.

View the number of infections in your municipalities in the past two (!) Weeks here.


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