5 new measures to expand the car replacement initiative.. Get to know them

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The Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait, announced new measures to expand the base of citizens benefiting from the presidential initiative to replace obsolete vehicles:

1 – Studying the extension of the initiative’s umbrella to include the cars of the free zone in Port Said because of their special nature, and allowing the non-participating governorates to join the initiative as soon as their infrastructure and technology is ready, especially natural gas supply stations and scrap yards.

2- It is also allowed to accept any new company operating in Egypt to join the initiative, provided that its cars contain 45% of local components.

3 – Allow citizens who have requests to replace obsolete cars to easily modify and complete their data.

4 – Allowing citizens to change the type or color of the car by visiting the website, canceling the old application, and applying for a new one, taking into account updating the data.

5- Allowing citizens to register “replacement requests” immediately after two years of the obsolete car license.

The Minister of Finance added that a team of technical support has been allocated in coordination with the e-finance company to solve all technical and technical problems that may arise when registering car replacement requests on the website of this presidential initiative.


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