5 reasons to buy on the Samsung site (and not elsewhere)

A few days ago, Samsung formalized its new generation of smartphones. The Galaxy S21 comes to replace their predecessor by offering a lower price and increased performance. From a value for money perspective, these new premium devices really have it all. Pre-orders on the Galaxy S21 have been open since Thursday evening and the official Samsung store offers real benefits to ordering them there.

Pre-order the Galaxy S21

A bonus gift from Samsung

In recent years, Samsung has wanted to promote its e-commerce store for major smartphone releases. This is still the case this year since the manufacturer offers exclusive advantages that should convince you to go directly to him (to the detriment of general e-merchants). Below we have listed the little bonuses on the Galaxy S21.

If you decide to pre-order Galaxy S21, the first thing is that you are going to receive free wireless headphones. For any purchase of a Galaxy S21 or S21 +, you will be offered the Galaxy Buds Live (value: 149 €). If you choose the S21 Ultra model, the Galaxy Buds Pro (value: 229 €) will even be added to your order.

The second gift if you buy a new smartphone on the site is a Smart Tag. The latter is a small beacon that makes it easy to geo-locate the product on which it is hung. You can attach it to a precious object (keys, etc.) to find them more easily. It is included with any purchase of Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. Its value is € 29.90.

At this, Samsung also gives you a trade-in bonus of € 100. If you take advantage of its trade-in program for old smartphones, you can receive this bonus in addition to the standard trade-in amount. Please note, this bonus is only awarded during the Galaxy S21 pre-order phase. After January 28, it will be too late.

Discover the Samsung advantages

While the Samsung Galaxy S21 is cheaper than its predecessor (from € 859), the manufacturer is hitting hard. It also allows you to spread your payment in 3 or 4x free of charge, which makes it possible to even better smooth out this investment. To note that delivery is free and guaranteed on the day of the official release, i.e. January 29, 2021.

A Galaxy S21 + in red color

In addition to all these financial advantages, Samsung offers other advantages on its Galaxy S21. As it happens, it offers exclusively on its site colors that we do not find elsewhere. For example, on the Galaxy S21 +, you will be able to choose red or rose gold (in addition to purple, black and silver) to decorate your device.

If you intended to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the number of colorways is even greater. In addition to black and silver (which can be found elsewhere), the official site allows you to have it in Phantom Navy, Phantom Brown and Phantom Titanium. By opting for the manufacturer’s store, you will be able to obtain these precious sesames which will be much less common than the others.

To see all the exclusive colors, it’s here:

Pre-order Galaxy S21

Which smartphone to take from Samsung?

With the release of the Galaxy S21, Samsung has decided to stop the marketing of its Galaxy S20. The Korean firm has declined its flagship model in three different versions. Each responds to a different audience, so you need to be familiar with the variants. For example, the classic Galaxy S21 is the most accessible smartphone of all: it is even cheaper than the older S20s.

The Galaxy S21 has the same technical sheet as the Galaxy S21 +. The latter stands out on the screen size (6.7 ″ against 6.2 ″) and on the finish. The coating on the back of the latter is matt glass, against a simple plastic for the Galaxy S21. In terms of technical performance, they both have a new in-house processor (Exynos 2100) which is among the most powerful on the market.

The triple photo sensor on the back is equivalent to the previous generation, it just has better digital processing. Clearly, overall, the Samsung Galaxy S21 + is a cut above in terms of user experience. That said, it’s also € 200 more expensive than the classic Galaxy S21 (€ 1,059 vs € 859 for the 128 GB version), which should give more than one pause.

On the official French store, you can also buy the luxurious Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is the most powerful and efficient smartphone produced by the Korean firm. It stands out above all for the photo offer with two telephoto sensors (with better zoom) and a larger main sensor. This will require add 200 € more compared to Galaxy S21 +.

That said, by purchasing the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you will also get the latest Galaxy Buds Pro. These wireless headphones are the most powerful signed by the brand and they are also in pre-order. So you can get a real extra gift if you take this product from Samsung official website. The other more classic brands are limited to the minimum, so take advantage of the exclusive offers on the official store.

To discover the Samsung Galaxy S21, it’s here:

Pre-order the Galaxy S21

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