5 Simple Things to Reduce Air Pollution

Air pollution can be defined as small particles, chemicals, and gases released into the air. Air pollution is also a big contributor to climate change that is destroying planet Earth.

Apart from being bad for the environment, air pollution can also endanger health if inhaled. So, it is very important for us to change our behavior in order to reduce air pollution.

Summarized from the page Everyday Health and Sustrans, Here are some simple things you can do to help reduce air pollution.

1. Walk or bike

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A walk or bike ride to school, work, or the market is a great way to start the day. Start good habits early. In fact, children who include physical activity in their daily life are more likely to be active in adult life.

Being physically active has been known to have various health benefits. But besides that, you also help reduce air pollution and congestion around your environment.

2. Reduce intake of meat and milk

5 Simple Things to Reduce Air Pollution, Let's Do it!unsplash.com/Caroline Attwood

Not many know that there is a link between eating meat and air quality. However, scientists from Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have found that livestock is actually the largest producer of air pollutants with more than 50 percent.

Cattle and dairy farming are responsible for large amounts of ammonia emissions, which not only pollute the air but also surface and groundwater.

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3. Plant more crops

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5 Simple Things to Reduce Air Pollution, Let's Do it!unsplash.com/CDC

NASA has found that many household plants, such as the Gerbera Daisy, Peace Lily and English Ivy, play an important role in removing carbon monoxide from the air. The way plants work is similar to the human liver, where plants filter harmful chemicals and harmful compounds from the air, absorb toxins through tiny pores in their leaves and digest pollution through their stems, roots, and out through the soil.

Plants can be natural air filters in your home or office that will greatly reduce the amount of indoor air pollution and help eliminate recurring colds and respiratory problems. According to NASA research, other varieties that are good for cleaning the air are the bamboo palm, Chinese cypress, and Dracaena tree.

4. Avoid burning activity

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The burning of solid fuels, such as in campfires and wood-fired stoves has a significant impact on air pollution. Likewise with the activity of burning leaves and trash in the garden.

For that, as much as possible you need to avoid burning activities. From now on, separate organic and inorganic waste. For organic waste, such as leaves and food scraps, you can turn it into compost which will fertilize the soil. Then other waste, such as paper, plastic bottles, cans, glass, or used clothes can be collected and sold or recycled into other items.

5. Use energy efficient items

5 Simple Things to Reduce Air Pollution, Let's Do it!pexels.com/eberhard grossgasteiger

Buy vehicles and other items that are useful for the environment. There are so many options that offer efficiency in the use of fuel that you don’t have to worry about these items adding gas and pollution to the atmosphere.

For example, if you are looking for a vehicle, choose one that is already using fuel-efficient technology. Or if you buy an electronic device, choose one that uses electricity-saving technology.

By doing all the steps above, you have contributed to reducing air pollution and making the earth comfortable to live in. Don’t forget to invite the others too go green, yes!

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