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Symptoms of stress, high blood pressure, migraines, anxiety, and blood sugar changes can be confused with stroke. However, if these symptoms occur simultaneously, you must see a doctor. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

Occasionally, if your head is throbbing and painful, strokeI am worried that it might be a sign of But suspecting a stroke just because you have a throbbing head may be an unnecessary health concern. stroke and similar signsbecause there are symptoms of

If you have never experienced terrible level of headacheappears or A feeling of sagging on one side of the facereceive or walking and talking or restrictions on seeingIf this occurs, you must go to the hospital at this time. this is strokeof warning signbecause it wins

all these symptoms simultaneousif it happens with strokeIt is likely, but among these one or twoStroke and confused another causeThis can be.



Professor Michael Ripper of the Department of Neurology at the University of Kansas in the U.S. used the U.S. medical portal WebMD to explain the confusion between stroke and stroke. physical signsA typical example that causes stresspicked up eyesightto Restrictionshas this or a patient who is speechlessI have experience treating stresswill turn out to be

High blood pressure

Blood pressureEven this unusually tall person Headache, weakness, limited vision etc. may be accompanied. In this regard, experts ‘Uncontrolled hypertension’it is called These symptoms can also be risk factors for stroke.


Anxietyamong those who feel around the mouth senseor this becomes dull finger tipof sense of touchthis symptoms of dullnessThere are people who appeal to Stroke patients suffer from insufficient blood supply to the body. some sensethis paralysisbecome or disappearanceI feel like I am, and I am experiencing similar symptoms. People with anxiety often ask if they have a stroke. confusionthat’s why



migraine It also causes symptoms that can be mistaken for a stroke. A feeling of narrowing or blurred visionis to receive realistically migrainePeople who have this are better than those who don’t. stroke riskthis is high The symptoms need to be closely monitored.

But the level of experience tingling feelingor a band around the head feeling of tightnessIf this takes tension headacheis likely to be Symptoms such as limited vision along with headache strong headacheIn this case, you should seek professional help.

blood sugar changes

blood sugarEven if it is too high or too low eyesightproblem onoccurs Especially diabetesa person with this insulin treatmentnot receiving or excessively dependence on insulinWhen you do, you are more likely to experience these symptoms. therefore VisionAppropriate when there is a problem with insulin treatmentare you getting checkgood to try

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