5 things you should know about Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is one of the most recent proposals of the social network and, in recent months, it has become more relevant than ever, since it is a platform designed for those who want to have everything related to gaming gathered in one place and for those who are dedicated to making stream of videogames.

If you have questions about how it works and what you have to do to be part of Facebook GamingIn this article, we solve your doubts with five main points that you should consider.

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Streaming at all times

Facebook Gaming allows users to perform streamings from computers or mobile devices through the application, but also offers the opportunity to watch broadcasts at all times.

The community has high-level content creators and competitors from sports, but it is interesting because any user can also enter this world as a public or as a content creator.

If you are a spectator, you can watch live videos and even use filters to find content that is of interest to you, in addition, if you admire someone, it will be possible to chat in real time with your gamers favorites while enjoying gameplays or local and international tournaments.

How do you make money on Facebook Gaming?

The streaming has become a huge opportunity to generate income and Facebook Gaming it is an excellent option to do so.

There are different platforms to do it like Twitch, but Facebook Gaming has a program called Level Up, through which followers can award donations that are represented by stars and these, in turn, are converted into money.

It should be noted that you will not start earning money immediately. You must meet certain requirements such as having a game video creator page, having made a streaming of game content for a minimum of four hours in the last fourteen days, have at least one hundred followers on your page, have had it active for a minimum of 14 days, and be over 28 years of age.

After that, your only mission will be to receive stars from your followers to earn more money. Each one has a value of $ 0.01, meaning that to earn a dollar, you will need 100 stars.

How to be a “video game influencer”

We know that video games have become more than just enjoying a title in the comfort of an armchair.

Currently, the gaming It is a brutal business in which all kinds of people can participate on a professional level, but also on an individual level.

Thus, Facebook Gaming allows you to start charting your path as a video game influencer and, for this, you just have to choose your creator page, copy the URL of the server to configure your program streaming and select “Facebook Live”.

You just have to put a label and description so that your followers know what the broadcast will be about and that’s it! Your future will be practically done. Well, not so much like that, but at least it will be a good start.

There are advantages if you are part of the Level Up program

The program Level UpIn addition to offering the opportunity to start making a profit, it provides personalized support and gives you access to powerful tools to help you stream content at 1080p and 60fps.

This is vitally important, especially for your viewers to see high-quality content, an important resource to keep them always attentive.

Another advantage of being part of the program is that you can test beta functions before they are officially released for the rest of the users and that, dear friends, is very attractive for brands, since you become part of a community that includes to various companies in the video game industry.

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Facebook Gaming on mobile devices

If you want to find content more easily, you should know that there is the application of Facebook Gaming designed to help game enthusiasts more easily discover content, follow their favorite influencers and media, connect with other players, or enjoy classic titles.

The application is very similar to the platform Twitch, since you can easily access and watch videos of your favorite figures. From the application, you can also comment on the broadcasts, as well as interact with groups of Facebook and more.

Furthermore, it is possible to do stream from the app. This allows gamers to easily stream mobile games with just a few clicks. For example, it would be very useful to share the screen of your Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG, Mario Kart Tour or whatever comes to mind.

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