5 Tips for Safe Finding Dating Friends on Tinder

Harianjogja.com, JAKARTA – The 2020 pandemic made humans aware that almost all activities can be done digitally (online) with the help of technology. One of them is looking for a date through the Tinder application.

Get social online has many positive sides, for example expanding friendship connections at home and from abroad. You can find friends who have the same hobby. Who knows, we can move to the next stage.

In line with passion Safer Internet Day On February 9th, the Tinder app manager reminded users to be more careful when connecting with new people online online. Here are important tips and features for safe dating via Tinder:

1. Photo Verification, Check!
There are main things that must be considered when you are swipe other users on Tinder, namely photos profile. Make sure your profile match candidate has a blue check mark. To do a verification photo, it is not only the candidate who has to do it match, but also yourself.

After verifying the photo, the Tinder system will confirm that you are the same person in the profile photo and you will be able to check the blue one. That way, both you and the candidate match you will feel more secure and comfortable when Swiping.

2. Don’t Hurry to Meet
Second, try to keep in touch in the application and don’t rush to meet up in the real world with your potential match. Apart from the Covid-19 pandemic, don’t meet in person if you are sure match.

You can rate your chats while on the app or start communicating via video (video chat) use features Face-to-Face Video Chat on Tinder.

3. Respect Everyone
One of the qualities that must be maintained when socializing is respect for others. You can implement these lessons when you socialize online. If you and match respect each other, surely the chat will be more and more continue and fun.

Immediately make a report when match You send messages that contain elements of harassment, threats, offensive language, or inappropriate behavior during the chat on the Tinder app.

4. Tell Others
If you and he still want to meet in the real world, you should choose a public place or open space. However, keep in mind to stick to 3M’s health protocol, which is wearing a mask, washing hands, and keeping your distance. In addition, you should tell people closest to you when you meet match at some place.

5. Keep Conversations Light and Fun
When chatting with match, try to keep the conversation about your activities and hobbies in general. Moreover, if you are still in the early stages. Avoid sharing personal information with match you, whatever the reason.

Source: JIBI / Bisnis Indonesia


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