5 tips to avoid liver disease.. Get to know them

says Saleh Al-Qahtani, research director liver At Johns Hopkins Medicine, your liver is the second largest organ in your body. Your liver has about 500 critical functions. As Pan explains, “Your liver detoxifies all the toxins, removes the medications from your body, and does the work [بتكسير] Eat your food.” It also regulates cholesterol levels, builds proteins, makes bile, which helps you absorb fat, store sugar for when you really need it, and regulates hormone levels. According to a post on the hopkinsmedicine website.

“If your liver stops working, toxins will build up, you won’t be able to digest your food, and medications will never leave your body,” says Dr. Al-Qahtani. In fact – you can’t live a week without your liver. Follow these tips to stay in good shape with your liver.

Ways to avoid liver disease. Some are healthy behaviors that you might do anyway.

1. Be careful about your alcohol consumption

If you think that only lifelong drunkards get cirrhosis of the liver – you are wrong. Just four ounces a day of hard alcohol for men (two for women) can start to damage your liver.

2. Wash the fruits and keep away from toxins

Pesticides and other toxins can damage the liver. Read the warning labels on the chemicals you use.

3. Prevent hepatitis A, B and C.

Get vaccinated: Hepatitis A and B are viral diseases that affect the liver. While many children are now immunized, many adults are not. Ask your doctor if you are at risk.

4. Watch out for medications and herbs

Dr. Al-Qahtani warns, “The number one reason for stopping clinical trials [للطب] Or taking drugs off the market is hepatotoxic,” he said, adding that “20 percent of liver injuries in the United States are caused by supplements.” The National Institutes of Health has a database of substances known to be toxic to the liver.

5. Exercise and eat right

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