5 years after the death of her fiancé, a TV presenter gave birth to a screenwriter by Slavi Trifonov


5 years after the death of her fiancé Yolo, who died in her arms, actress and TV presenter Nadia Ivanova will make her most cherished dream come true – to become a mother. After several failed relationships, including those with TV producer Andrei Arnaudov and businessman Borislav Komsiyski, whom they met at VIP Brother, Nadia never reached the altar.

A year and a half ago, the 39-year-old from Vidin openly admitted that she still did not feel ready to commit, but she predictably froze her own eggs in case a suitable man appeared. “Yes, I am laying eggs and waiting for the real man, a man for me. Then she will become a mother,” the beautiful actress was categorical.

Last summer, fate met her with the father of her child – the screenwriter of Slavi Trifonov Dragomir Petrov. They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child. Nadia was in an advanced pregnancy, so they prepared everything for the upcoming birth. It will probably be in the capital’s Nadezhda Hospital, where the head of the Center for Assisted Reproduction is one of the luminaries in reproductive medicine in our country – Dr. Georgi Stamenov. The famous medic is a close friend of 48-year-old Dragomir and helped give birth to his two daughters by his first wife Maria. According to acquaintances, Nadia is in the beginning of the 9th month and the birth is expected in the first days of March.

The screenwriter of Dalgi is a native of Kubrat. He graduated from the Marie Curie College of Biotechnology in Razgrad with a degree in Biotechnological Synthesis. He joined Slavi’s team in 1997. At that time he was a reporter for the Ekip 7 newspaper in Razgrad and also the author of the Problem Show program on the local municipal radio.

While covering a concert of “Kanaleto” in the area of ​​Sboryanovo, near Isperih, Drago interviewed Slavi and the faces of “Kanaleto” and agreed with Dalgi to have the column “Slavato na Slavi” on the radio. However, his boss flatly refused. from people who sing “I’ll tear your ass”, I don’t want anything! “, the radio boss was categorical. When he learned this, Slavi invited him to join his team.

Nadia Shvanova is a native of Vidin. She grew up in the family of a violist and choreographer. Exactly 20 years ago, she arrived from the Danube city in the capital to study acting at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in the class of Stefan Danailov. Even when she was a sophomore at the theater academy, she became a superstar after being invited to host the secular show “Elite”. She later starred in the series “Dear Heirs” on BTV, “Sex, Lies & TV” and hosted the show “Perfect Memory” on TV 7. Viewers know her voice from all seasons of “The Farm”. Her last role was Vivian in the romantic comedy “Sunny Beach”, broadcast on BTV, Nadia fell in love with Dragomir in the break between the first and second season, which starts again on February 26.

The beautiful brunette has finally managed to overcome the death of her great love Yolo. Years ago, he survived a terrible catastrophe, but survived. He passed away with some contusions and frequent pains in his chest. Because the doctors forbade us to lift heavy weights, he went to the gym every day, where he trained with big weights, because he was a maniac. Unfortunately, Yolo underestimated the injury and because of that he received bruises and bruises in his child. He developed a thrombosis, which caused a fatal blow to our health. One evening he woke up with severe pain in his head and suffocated. Hadya called for an ambulance at once, but Yolo died in her arms.

My dream was over and the active TV presenter was in shock. She stopped eating, and for weeks she lived only in restaurants and cafes. “The real man is stupid. Because of him, I would have lost everything, even the copier. This is what my late teacher Stefan Danavaya advises me.”

To overcome the tragedy of her fiancé’s death, she entered the VIP Brother House, but her kahar appearance burdened the viewers of the otherwise seirdji show. The beauty managed to recover from the depression only after the finale of the reality show. Weeks after the end of the form, love broke out between the brunette and the businessman Borislav Komsiyski, but their relationship fell apart, Weekend writes.

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