50-cent “error” coins sell for up to 3,000

These are the old 50 cent coins issued in 1993 with a minting error. Photo: Gettyimages

If you have a coin of 50 cents review it in detail, because in these there is a small error of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) that makes them unique and whose value increases as the years pass between the collectors.

These coins they have reached an extraordinary value in the last days; collectors they are paying up 3 thousand pesos for them, but, beware, they must have a special feature:

  • These are the old coins issued in 1993 with an error of coined dated 1893.
Photo: Mercado Libre screenshot.

The history of these coins

Since 1993, Banxico put into circulation new coins, some of them are still used. In the particular case of 50 cents, some were coined with errors in their date. Although they were issued in 1993 are dated 1893.

  • The money of 50 cents is made of bronze-aluminum. Its design consists of number “50”, the symbol of cents “¢”, year of issue and a stylization of the Ring of Acceptance of the Stone of the Sun.

So if you have a coin dated 1893 you can sell it to a collector. Your price in internet between individuals ranges from thousand 500 and the 3 thousand pesos. Its value depends on how well preserved the metal.

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