50 Cent mocks Lil Wayne’s indictment, urges him to call Trump

While Lil Wayne was indicted on Tuesday for possession of a weapon and he faces 10 years in prison, 50 Cent did not hesitate to make fun of him, notably evoking his support for Donald Trump.

This Tuesday evening, the American press revealed the indictment of Lil Wayne, 1 year after he was arrested for possession of a gun at the Miami airport. A case that could cost the Louisiana rapper dear since he risks a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, especially since he has an already extensive criminal record. And if his lawyer was quick to evoke his great confidence, Weezy will obviously not be able to count on the support of 50 Cent. The latter did not hesitate to openly mock him on Instagram, inviting him to appeal to his new friend Donald Trump for help.

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“Trump is still here for 63 days”

It must be said that Lil Wayne had largely surprised the general public by providing, a few days before the vote, his support for Donald Trump, finally beaten by Joe Biden. Fifty thus invited his counterpart to appeal to Donald Trump so that he can help him, since the latter is still in office for at least 2 months – the nomination of the Democratic candidate will take place during the month of January. He still suggests in the following sentence that it is precisely his support for Trump that could earn him a potential conviction in the future. A note of humor and irony from a 50 Cent who rightly confessed turning down a million dollar offer on behalf of the camp of the outgoing president in order to appear at his side if he was re-elected. An offer that he finally declined, unlike a Lil Wayne who he thinks he accepted Trump’s money to support him …

“Wait a minute, Trump is still here for 63 days, Wayne calls him. Catch this madman on the phone… They will try to put you in jail for your support of Trump ”

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