50+ dramas to follow: “The Code of a Lonely Woman” can’t finish the happiness of one person, “First Love” evokes youthful memories─50+ FiftyPlus uses new methods to create his ideal old queen

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Editor’s note: Winter is a good time to wrap up warmly and stay at home to watch dramas. “50+” recommends the topical Japanese drama “First Love” this month. Don’t think that middle-aged people are not suitable for watching pure love dramas. In fact, what we are watching is the throbbing and memories of youth, coupled with the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido covered with snow, which soothes the long-lost Eyes abroad! The same is about love, but you can also switch the scene to the flashy Hong Kong of the 1940s. Watch Director Hui Anhua present the aesthetics and entanglements of Zhang Ailing’s “The First Incense”. Others include the joy of living alone, survival in the workplace, and the latest works of the Korean drama hero Song Joong-ki.

1. The strongest memory kill in “First Love”!Arouse the soul of Japanese TV dramas in grades five, six and seven

December is a warm and romantic season, and it is most suitable to use the snowy land of the Northland to meet the scene. The stage of the story is set in the Japanese pure love drama “First Love” in Hokkaido, which caused a topic among the fifth, sixth, and seventh graders. Brings back full memories of chasing Japanese dramas when I was young.

If you could choose again in life, would you pursue your dreams without hesitation, or accept the predestined arrangement? The depiction of life in the play is always going back and forth among various choices, which is heart-wrenching.

This drama is inspired by the two divine songs “First Love” and “First Love” by Utada Hikaru, Japan’s “Heisei singer”. “Tao” (Takeru Sato) became each other’s first love in the late 1990s and separated for some reason. They reunited 20 years later. How will the unfinished relationship continue?

Director Hanzhu Lily’s nostalgic and delicate shooting method is also a highlight. The mints, ice cream sodas, and even nostalgic video games, CD players, old mobile phones, and Hikaru Utada’s first album that appear in the play have become the strongest memories. Classic The Divine Comedy is still so beautiful after decades.

Playing platform:Netflix

2. “Rules for Women Living Alone” Enjoy the beauty of living alone

50+ dramas:

A person’s happiness, only you know best!

“Rules for Living Alone” reflects the personalities and dreams of many single women of the new generation in Japan. Tokuko Eguchi plays the role of Megumi May, an employee of a publishing house. She is keen on “living alone” and always rejects everything after work. Instead of socializing, choose to go to a place you like, do what you like, and enjoy the time alone.

Not only is it as simple as eating and watching movies alone, but everyone can take a hot air balloon, go to an amusement park, take a helicopter trip, play survival games, etc., enjoy whatever makes you happy, and show a calm and comfortable attitude towards life.

In the beginning, Wuyue Nvhui was very concerned about the eyes of others, but with her brave actions again and again, she found that no one cared about herself at all, so that she could put all her energy on the food at the roast meat shop and enjoy the most delicious food. Moments, even in the process of traveling alone, discover a wider world in casual conversations with those passers-by who may just meet by chance. Each episode is only 20 minutes long, and each adventure trip, in addition to feeling healing, is even more exciting!

Playing platform:KKTV, FriDay video

3. “The Youngest Son of the Chaebol” Song Joong-ki travels through time and space and is reborn in the business war revenge

50+ dramas:

50+ dramas:

Those who like chaebol fighting dramas may wish to fight wit and scheming with the male god Song Joong Ki.

Song Joong Ki’s latest Korean drama “The Youngest Son of the Chaebol” tells the story of the secretary “Yoon Hyun Woo” (played by Song Joong Ki) who used to work for the chaebol but was framed for embezzling funds and was murdered. The youngest son of the chaebol family, “Chen Daojun”, then relied on the memory and knowledge before his rebirth, in order to embezzle the entire chaebol family, and launched an unimaginable group succession struggle.

In addition to appreciating how Song Joong-ki wisely and courageously grasped the opportunity in the business war, the plot, characters, and background settings also aroused the audience’s “archaeological” craze. As the chronological progress of the story is also related to major events in modern Korean history, it arouses the audience’s memory and reasoning desire, and they all become “Keyboard Conan” while chasing the drama while archaeological, and unexpectedly become another part of watching the drama. a pleasure.

Playing platform:firDay Video

4. “Partner Road” Women can be beautiful and strong

50+ dramas:

Can a woman be beautiful and strong at the same time? Adapted from the novel of the same name “The Partner Track” by Chinese-American lawyer Helen Wan, the series “Partner’s Road” tells the story of Ingrid from the perspective of an Asian woman. This is the success story of how Yun (Arden Cho) climbed the career ladder in an elite male-dominated law firm through his own efforts and became a partner.

It has been compared to the Asian version of “Golden Law Girl”. The heroine wears fashionable clothes to show the aura of a successful and confident elite, which has become a highlight of the play. For the unbalanced social dynamics in the legal world, conflicts in the workplace, race Discrimination, gender issues, etc., also have their own set of ingenious ways to respond. Watching her step by step to solve the difficulties in the workplace and move towards success, I believe it will resonate a lot with women who encounter difficulties in the workplace. The rhythm of the whole drama is easy and amusing. You can finish eating in 10 episodes and two holidays, replenish your positive energy and start again!

Playing platform:Netflix

5. “The First Incense” Xu Anhua delicately presents Zhang Ailing’s aesthetics

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This film is adapted from the famous 1943 novel “Agarwood Crumbs‧First Incense” by writer Eileen Chang, directed by Xu Anhua, starring Peng Yuyan, Ma Sichun and Zhang Junning. The plot describes a female student Ge Weilong (played by Ma Sichun) who came to Hong Kong from Shanghai to study ), but was confused by the luxurious life of the upper class, and started a complicated love-hate relationship among the rich.

The story meticulously depicts the struggle and dark side of the characters, and presents their perdition and loss in the face of temptation. In order to pay tribute to Eileen Chang, Director Xu Anhua brought the novel to the big screen in an authentic way, especially in the modeling of actors and the atmosphere of the scene. Quite elegant, whether you want to relive Zhang Ailing’s classic works, or want to experience the glitzy world of Hong Kong in the 1940s, you can be satisfied in this movie!

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