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Reporters Chen Qianxiu and Lin Yiru / Report from Taipei

51-year-old actress Miao Keli posted a “hand-in-hand photo” on the 28th in lightning, and posted “I can finally say after holding up for so long, holding hands and moving towards a new life, thank you everyone.” Friends in the entertainment industry Li Liangjin and Luo Qiaolun are the first Time flooded in to leave a message of congratulations.

▲▼ Miao Keli Lightning posted a photo of her daughter and daughter holding hands

▲ Miao Keli posted a photo of holding hands in Lightning to announce the good news: “Towards a new life.” (Picture / Reposted from Facebook / Miao Keli)

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Miao Keli became popular in 2002 when she played the villainous villain “Li Yanping” in “Taiwan Thunderbolt” at eight o’clock. She married a daughter at the age of 30, and was married to director Li Baoneng. However, her other half has been working in mainland China for many years, and her relationship has gradually weakened. She finally signed a divorce in 2007 and has been single for 15 years.

Netizens were both surprised and delighted by Miao Keli’s good news, and rushed to send blessings “No matter whose hand it is, bless”, “No matter who the other party is? If you can be happy, you can use your strength to be happy. Don’t think of it until the day is too late.” …It turns out that happiness is so easy”, “Be happy all the time”. Some netizens began to speculate about the person holding hands, “both hands are rubbed with nail polish”, “the left hand is holding the right hand, because the two nail polishes are the same color”, and some people interpreted “it turns out that getting lucky is so easy! Let’s get lucky together It’s right hand holding left hand!”

▲▼ Miao Keli Lightning posted a photo of her daughter and daughter holding hands

▲ Miao Keli’s photo of holding hands, both hands are tightly held with red nail polish. (Photo/Reposted from Facebook/Miao Keli)

Regarding why Miao Keli posted a hand-in-hand photo, her agent responded to “ETtoday Starlight Cloud”, “Our new plan and new program will be announced on Wednesday.”

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