52% disagree with the implementation of the Mobility Pass

Cadem: 52% disagree with the implementation of the Mobility Pass

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Cadem: 52% disagree with the implementation of the Mobility Pass

During the day of this Sunday the results of the survey were announced fall in which the rejection of the new Mobility Pass which seeks that people who have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 have greater freedom in the phases of the Step by Step Plan and which has been in force since last Wednesday.

In that sense, according to the consultant, 94% of those surveyed have heard of the Mobility Pass, while 6% have not.

Also, when asked, “Do you agree or disagree with the implementation of the Mobility Pass?”, Only 45% of the people answered that they are in favor of the measure. For its part, 52% of those surveyed disagreed with the implementation of this pass.

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In detail, the people who are most opposed to the measure are from the low socioeconomic sector, those over 55 years of age, and people identified with the center in political matters.

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Regarding vaccination, 68% affirmed that they have already been vaccinated, while 56% of the surveyed population indicates that they have already received their second dose against the coronavirus.

Likewise, the figure that showed the greatest decrease was that of people who indicated that they would not be vaccinated, experiencing a drop of three points, reaching 6%.

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Government approval

This edition once again confirmed the approval levels of the Government, which experienced a rise of four points, reaching 17%.

Notwithstanding this, the approval in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic experienced a drop of eight points, from 45% to 37%, in the week in which the Mobility Permit was announced.

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