53% of Spaniards are not satisfied with the evolution of democracy

More than half of Spaniards are not satisfied with the functioning of democracy in Spain, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey of the European Parliament released this Friday. The survey reveals that 53% of Spaniards are not very satisfied or not at all satisfied with the functioning of democracy in their country, compared to 41% who think this way among the respondents of the 27 countries of the European Union in the EU. Only 46% of Spaniards say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the functioning of democracy in the country (compared to 57% of the EU27)

For this Eurobarometer, more than 27,000 interviews were carried out, of them a thousand in Spain, between November 25 and December 16, 2020. Only 21% of Spanish respondents think that within a year their standard of living will be better than now (the same proportion as in the EU), another 21% believe that it will be worse and 55% believe that it will remain the same (compared to 52% in the EU).

The national economic situation will be the same within a year for 54% of Spaniards (53% in the EU) and only 22% believe that there will be changes for the better or worse, similar figures in the EU. But Spaniards are more pessimistic in some respects and 59% think that “things are on the wrong track”, compared to 45% in the EU, and only 22% think that they are “on the right track”, less than 39 % on average in the EU.

As in the rest of the community partners, a large majority of Spaniards (74%) agree that the EU recovery plan will allow the economy to recover more quickly from the effects of the pandemic, and only 21% disagree.

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Regarding the image of the European Parliament, 78% would like this institution to play a more important role, compared to 63% for the EU. Almost two-thirds (61%) disagree that their voice counts in the EU (50% in the EU) and only 34% think it counts (compared to 45% in the EU).

While slightly less than half of the European respondents believe that the EP’s main priority should be to adopt measures to reduce poverty and inequality, in the case of Spaniards a large majority, 61%, have cited this objective as their first option . The next EP priorities for Spaniards should be to improve access to education (48%) and achieve full employment (32%, while in the EU only 21% say so).

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One of the ideas that stand out in this survey is that in the midst of the difficult situation due to the pandemic, citizens look to Brussels, and thus 66% of Spanish respondents think that belonging to the Union is good (53% the EU), and only 8 percent think it is bad.

75% of Spaniards think that Spain has benefited from belonging to the community club (somewhat more than the average in the 27), and only 17% believe that it has not benefited (24% in the EU).

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