55% of left supporters are in favor of an open primary

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This is one more poll in favor of the union of the left. According to a Harris Interactive survey conducted just after the regional elections and of which the “Obs” exclusively reveals the results, 72% of French people who have already voted on the left believe that a single presidential candidacy would be a good thing. Among voters who openly declare themselves to be left, they are even 90% to think so. At a time when ambitions multiply – Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI), Fabien Roussel (PCF), Philippe Poutou (NPA) have already declared themselves, Anne Hidalgo (PS) is preparing and the ecologists will launch their primary – this wish for a single candidacy transcending partisan divisions is widely shared by supporters PS (91%) and EELV (90 %) but also by LFI-PCF supporters (82%).

Presidential election of 2022: “Three candidacies on the left, it goes against the wall! “

On the other hand, it is the way to designate this unique candidate which divides the people of the left. 55% of French people who have already voted on the left are in favor of an open primary and 45% prefer an agreement negotiated by the candidates and the political parties. Among the French on the left, it is 50-50. As to who should organize this primary, 56% of left-wing voters believe that the task should fall to the parties, while 44% want it entrusted to a civil society intermediary.

Another important lesson: to the question “who are all the presidential candidates to the left of Emmanuel Macron that you can name today?” “, the respondents first answer Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Already a candidate for the supreme election in 2012 and 2017, the leader of La France insoumise is the left leader most clearly identified by the French on the political scene, far ahead of the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and the green MEP. Yannick Jadot.

Presidential 2022: Mélenchon plays it solo, Hidalgo skates and Jadot tries the breakaway

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Radical left: do we need a republican front against Mélenchon?



Unit pressure

The survey was commissioned by the 2022 or Never – People’s Primary. Founded by associative leaders, environmental activists and activists, the young structure is today led by two rising figures of civil society: Samuel Grzybowski, social entrepreneur, and Mathilde Imer, former member of the governance committee of the Convention citizen for the climate.

Eric Piolle, the ecologist aiming for the top

Supported by figures of the left, intellectuals and personalities like the director Cyril Dion, the sociologist Dominique Méda or the journalist Marie-Monique Robin, the duo nourishes a somewhat crazy dream on paper: to organize next October a primary for nominate the candidate from all the left. A company hailed as courageous within the left-wing parties and by the candidates already declared but which leaves more than one skeptic.

“The process is interesting, the process a bit complicated. We’ll see, recently confided to “the Obs” Benoît Hamon, winner of the socialist primary in 2017. It is clear, given the level of the extreme right, that the pressure for unity on the candidates of the left will be enormous at the start of the school year, much more than the last time. It is quite uncomfortable to campaign with increasing calls for union… ”

Survey carried out online on June 27 and 28, after the announcement of the results to the regional offices, with a sample of 2,123 people, representative of French people over 18 years of age.

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