58.com CEO Yao Jinbo: Shell blatantly chooses one of the two to call for a national anti-monopoly fine of 4 billion_ 东方 Fortune.com

Original title: 58.com CEO Yao Jinbo: Shell blatantly choose one of the two, calling for a national anti-monopoly fine of 4 billion

On April 10th, Yao Jinbo, CEO of 58 Group and Chairman of Anjuke’s Board of Directors,WeiboAnd the Moments of Friends, saying that “there are more blatant alternatives in the field of real estate transactions that are packaged as voluntary, and strongly appeal to the national anti-monopoly fines.shell4 billion (4% standard).And it is recommended to put this fine into the national provident fund account in order to reduce the provident fund loaninterest rateAlleviateCommon peopleThe burden of buying a house. “

He said, “58 Anjuke will fully enter the field of new house transactions as a challenger this year, hoping that healthy competition will make the industry more fair.Common peopleBuying a house is easier. “

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Public information shows thatshellFinding a house originated from Lianjia, a quality housing service platform driven by positioning technology, and is currently landing in more than 60 cities in China. August 13, 2020shellFinding a house was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with an IPO price of US$20/ADS, becoming the first share of a residential service platform in China.

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