5G is not celebrating its first anniversary in China

The operators promised a technological leap forward. A year after its introduction, Chinese consumers are disappointed with 5G. The penetration figures are bad and the coverage of the country is far from complete.

5G was heralded in China as the generation of major mobile disruption that would allow a technological leap forward paving the way for a plethora of new uses. One year after its implementation, “Chinese consumers are disappointed with uneven coverage”, explains the South China Morning Post.

“My operator said that 5G would provide reliable and fast data, which is important to me, but so far I haven’t felt any improvement”, testifies Kelvin Li, a banker from Beijing who makes full use of his smartphone for messaging and video calls during his frequent business trips.

“Kelvin Li is not the only one to be disappointed by 5G, a technology touted by operators as inaugurating a new range of consumer services”, among which “The possibility of downloading a film in very high definition in a few seconds”, “Augmented reality” or even the acceleration of autonomous driving.

Three in four Chinese don’t want 5G

According to a survey by the Chinese institute iiMedia Research in September, 62% of 4G users do not want to buy a 5G phone, 44% of them being turned off



Hong Kong’s English-language daily newspaper has been owned by Jack Ma (Ma Yun), head of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, since April 2016. This acquisition gave rise to strong fears that the freedom of tone and the


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