5G: SFR would not innovate with packages modeled on those of Orange

SFR has not yet officially communicated on 5G, but a leak this weekend would have allowed to lift the veil on its future packages. You can find at this address standardized information sheets for four new packages with 5G. These sheets look like those on the operator’s site, but it would have been easy enough to create dummy ones and caution is therefore required.

If these files are true however, then SFR would not have done very original for its 5G offers. The four new packages are almost perfect copies of the four Orange 5G packages, both on the amount of data and on the tariffs. The offer would start with 80 GB of 5G for € 40 per month and go up to the unlimited subscription, billed € 95 per month. In both cases, a subscription of at least 12 months would be required and it is not yet known whether a promotion for the first year is envisaged.

Table proposed by @ TiinoX83.

Orange offers a little less on the basic plan (70 GB of 5G) and its offers are technically offered at a euro cent less, but the inspiration is obvious. Important clarification for SFR, however: the unlimited offer would be accompanied by a reservation. If the operator in the red square detects too much use, signal of use outside a strictly mobile framework (connection sharing), then it reserves the right to restrict the connection after 100 GB of 5G. This reserve does not currently exist at Orange.

Bouygues Telecom announced its 5G packages at the same time as Orange, with two particularities compared to the other two. On the one hand, the operator will have a plan with 50 GB of 5G for 32 €, which would at this stage make it the cheapest 5G plan on the market. On the other hand, its most complete offers only amount to a maximum of 120 GB of 5G and they are linked to a smartphone, you will not be able to subscribe to them directly.

All that remains is to know what Free intends to do with 5G. The fourth French operator has been the most discreet so far, with a presence announced which is limited to Paris. On his store, he references 5G smartphones and announces similar maximum flow rates to 4G, or 450 Mbit / s at best. Does this correspond to the maximum that Free Mobile plans to offer in 5G? The operator may have recovered the value of 4G so as not to reveal its plans before launch.

A launch that may take place from this Wednesday, November 18, 2020. In any case, it is on this date that French operators can open their commercial 5G network and no longer stick to experiments. Orange has already announced its intention to release its offers from day one, we don’t know what the situation is for the other operators.


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