6 bad habits that are killing your laptop battery and how to change them

The batteries of the laptops They usually have a useful life cycle. However, there are certain habits that can help prolong it or, on the contrary, harm it. For this reason, knowing what to do is key, but above all, what not to do

Laptops often give indicators that, if taken care of in time, can be vital to your health. For example, yes recalientan a lot of it is because something is going wrong and, in the long run, it can result in overheating that ends with them.

Have it plugged in all the time? It also affects its performance and in the long term. Dust? Another factor much more decisive than what you might think. Y just like it happens with cell phonesthere are certain things you should avoid doing.

Here are six tips to take better care of your laptop battery, that ally that is surely your daily work tool.

Constantly charging the battery

Charging it all the time is also bad. Photo: Shutterstock

It’s one of the most common mistakes, despite the fact that most users already know that they don’t have to: having the computer constantly plugged in is bad for the battery.

Doing this overloads the team and causes light but gradual damage. If the laptop is charged for several hours during the day, the capacity degrades by about 70% in just three years. Moment by which the team surely already needs a new one.

Solution: Unplug the laptop once it reaches 100% and charge it when needed.

Hot, cold: both in excess, bad

Exposing batteries to extreme temperatures is bad for lithium-ion cells. If the laptop is left in the car, where it can be hit by the sun for hours, it is likely to affect its performance. performance.

It can also be affected if the user lives in an area with temperatures close to zero degrees and does not take the precaution of having it in a place not reached by these cold conditions.

Solution: Store the computer in a place with room temperature.

download it completely

The charger should not always be plugged in.

The charger should not always be plugged in.

Lithium-ion batteries last longer when only 40 to 80 percent charged. If you let the battery become too discharged, it can shorten its lifespan. This is true if you keep the battery above 80% for too long.

Some brands of laptops allow you to limit the charge percentage to just the 80 % to help extend battery life. This feature is supported by manufacturers through their own applications. Other brands use the free Battery Limiter app for Windows.

On macOS for example you can use AIdente to set a charging limit on your laptop, or you can use Apple’s Optimized Charging feature if you keep a regular schedule.

Solution: Do not let it discharge completely and do not have it plugged in all the time. Plus, there’s good news: Several laptop manufacturers now offer long-lasting modes that preserve battery life. drums to help with this problem.

Have many programs open

Chrome: don't use too many tabs Photo Pexels

Chrome: don’t use too many tabs Photo Pexels

In addition to affecting the performance of the computer, having many programs open makes the processor have to work at a heavier level in terms of workload.

For this reason, many users lose sight of the fact that having even many tabs in the browser can complicate more than it can help (as well as often being a hindrance to productivity).

Solution: the golden rule, keep the desktop and applications “simple”.

In addition to closing other programs while performing a single task, you might consider enabling Airplane mode in Windows or turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in macOS, if you know you’ll be editing a document without needing web access. In addition to reducing distractions, Airplane mode eliminates a source major battery depletion.

Do not let the laptop “breathe”

Most laptops now come with lithium-polymer batteries that require far less maintenance than batteries of a decade ago, thanks to both software improvements and firmware as well as innovation in battery technology.

However, you have to be careful with the worst enemy of electronics: heat.

As these computers perform trillions of calculations per second, temperature is an unavoidable side effect. And a collateral effect that not only affects performance.

All this also affects battery life: the worse the equipment performs, the more effort it has to make. And the more you force it, the more energy you need.

Solution: Periodically clean the components, do deep cleaning once a year and let the equipment “breathe” through the ventilation slots.

Do not use the performance tool There is a tool that the average user not only does not use but is unaware of: the one that allows you to regulate the performance of the computer.

It is a tool that optimizes the way in which we are using the battery in relation to the resources that we demand from the computer.

SolutionNote: In Windows 10 this is a feature accessed from the battery icon on the taskbar. In Windows 11, it’s in Settings, System, Power, Battery, Power mode. Its goal is to group all the settings that affect battery life into a few easy-to-understand categories.

There will be displayed different modes that can be changed and are very clear about What balance do they use?

On Apple, you have to look for the battery settings which is accessible from the battery menu.

With these tools, the battery can last much longer.

And with these bad habits off the table, the battery is set to last well beyond the average user.

Letting it run down is not healthy for the battery.  Photo Pexels

Letting it run down is not healthy for the battery. Photo Pexels

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