6 Causes of Slow WiFi That Make Your Day Gloomy, Here’s How to Overcome it

Suara.com – Along with the increasing need for society internet, Wi-Fi is now one of the mandatory services available in every home. Much more effective than the mobile internet network, Wi-Fi able to provide super fast internet connection and without quota restrictions.

It is for this reason why many people are more inclined to install internet services Wi-Fi with a slightly expensive price, but able to meet all the internet needs of all residents of the house.

Even so, for those of you who have been a long time install internet service This, must be familiar with the problem of connection problems or slow network that can occur at any time.

In fact, when viewed on the icon Wi-Fi of smartphone indicates a full signal. If you find a problem like this, most of you will immediately blame the party providerher, right?

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However, wait a minute, not all internet disruptions Wi-Fi due to the fault of the party provider only. If examined more deeply, there are many factors that can make the internet network slow or not as fast as usual, such as user error or damage to the machine. router Wi-Fi.

So, before rushing to file a complaint, first check the 6 causes of the internet Wi-Fi slow, along with how to fix it below.

1. Device Not Connected to Network Wi-Fi

Before filing a complaint or tinkering with machines router, it’s a good idea to make sure that your device is connected to the internet network Wi-Fi. There are times when you get too excited about connecting to cyberspace, you forget to activate the feature Wi-Fi on smartphone or a laptop and instead use the internet network from a data packet.

If this is the case, of course you will feel embarrassed if you have already filed a complaint with the party provider, not? Therefore, before turning the cat due to your own negligence, first make sure that your device is connected to the internet network properly.

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2. LAN cable disconnected


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