6 foods highly recommended by health experts and also called ‘the god of cancer’

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The number one mortality rate in Korea, cancer. According to the 2019 Statistics Korea data, cancer was the number one cause of death among various diseases for 37 years.

No matter how well treated, cancer can easily recur if you do not change your eating habits or lifestyle.

So, let’s find out which foods can prevent and treat cancer.

6 foods called ‘the god of cancer’

1. white meat


Beef or pork can be classified as red meat, and chicken or fish can be classified as white meat. White meat, which is rich in protein, is good for cancer.

According to a study by the National Cancer Institute of the United States and the World Cancer Research Foundation, white meat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids than red meat. It is low in iron that oxidizes, so it is good for cancer prevention.

2. Eggplant


Purple vegetables such as eggplant are rich in anthocyanins, resveratrol, and alkaloids, which are components that give the purple color, which inhibit and prevent cancer cells.

In addition, it suppresses free radicals that damage cells and lowers triglycerides, which is good for preventing kidney cancer, and is a good food for cardiovascular diseases.

3. Mushrooms


Mushrooms are one of the foods that are easily accessible because of their variety and versatility.

Shiitake mushrooms commonly eaten by us, chaga mushrooms brewed with tea, reishi mushrooms known as medicinal mushrooms, and roe deer oyster mushroom, etc.

These mushrooms are rich in beta-clutan, an immune substance, and rich in minerals and dietary fiber, which improves immune function and is known as a cancer-fighting food.

4. Crustaceans


Crustaceans such as crabs are rich in chitosan, which prevents cancer metastasis.

Although it is dangerous for cancer to develop in one part of the body, cancer metastasizes to other organs, and even if cancer is found, it often spreads to various parts of the body, making it difficult to treat, which leads to a high mortality rate.

Crustaceans such as crab, shrimp, and squid bones are rich in chitosan, which has a molecular structure very similar to our human tissue, so it has excellent compatibility with the human body and does not cause an immune response, so it is very good as a food and medicine.

5. Red Ginseng


Red ginseng is widely used as a health food by the elderly and young people. Recently, many delicious and easy-to-eat products have been launched targeting young people, and they have established themselves as representative health foods, accounting for about 36% of total health functional food sales.

Red ginseng contains various saponins, which create new physiologically active ingredients to restore vitality and enhance immunity.

In particular, unlike ginseng, red ginseng changes the chemical structure of ginsenosides during the manufacturing process.

6. Deodeok


Deodeok also contains a large amount of saponin, which is a representative anti-cancer ingredient that enhances immunity.

In addition, deodeok has excellent antioxidant activity, which removes free radicals and helps prevent aging, as well as good for skin beauty.

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