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White pasta, white bread, French fries, etc., which contain alcohol or simple carbohydrates, drastically lower blood sugar levels and cause a feeling of hunger. [사진=클립아트코리아]

what food brain functionThere are foods that change your stomach and make you hungry the more you eat. According to a study by Harvard Medical School researchers published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, several types of food hungryhas been shown to increase

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It’s not a good way to finish a hard and tiring day with a drink. According to a study published in Alcohol & Alcoholism, alcoholEven if you drink only 3 cups of leptinthis 30% reductionappeared as Alcohol directly harms the hypothalamus, which suppresses appetite. high calorie foodincrease the desire for

white pasta

creamed white pastain simple carbohydratescontains a lot of this If you eat a lot of these simple carbohydrates, your pancreas will insulintrigger to create When insulin is high blood sugar levelfall and fall hungerthis is coming


french fries

Thinly sliced ​​potato fries french friesraw material of potatoin simple carbohydratescontains a lot of this Eating these carbohydrates insulin Secretion increases rapidly. When insulin spikes, it moves too much blood sugar out of the blood. blood sugar levelwill fall

When blood sugar levels fall below normal levels tireddo feeling hungryIt makes you want to eat food. Especially sweetfor gluttonyincreases In addition, French fries are fried in oil with salt added, which is even more unhealthy.


Pizza with white flour dough, hydrogenated oil (hydrogenated oil), processed cheese, and additives is perfect for a delicious meal. pizzaThese ingredients in blood sugar levelWow satiety hormone secretionand hungeraffects the parts of the brain that control If you eat a slice of pizza, you will get out of control afterwards. gluttonythis happens


white bread

Carbohydrates blood glucosewhich is an exponent that quickly converts to low glycemic indexis a high food. It digests quickly, so it not only makes you hungry right after eating, but also makes you eat more than you thought.

artificial sweeteners

artificial sweetenersentered diet sodame coffeeWhen you drink , your brain expects an energy boost from sugar. However, since the energy-boosting effect cannot be obtained from artificial sweeteners, the body has to compensate for it. hungercreates

Artificial sweeteners only satisfy the tongue with taste buds, but do not completely replace sugar. artificial sweeteners desire to eat sugaronly further increases

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