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Astrophile Star Counting Night

Astrophile Star Counting Night

You can follow and watch the series “Star Counting Night Astrophile” every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on the GMM25 channel and look back on the first place at TrueID at 10:30 p.m.

3.) Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2564)

The next series that I can tell you that #I can’t take it anymore is a feel-good rom-com series from the Korean mother’s side like the series “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” That said, it’s in the Top1 in almost every country when it’s on air!! The story originated from dentist Yun Hye Jin. She had a problem with the director of the dental clinic where she worked. She decided to set up her own clinic in Gongjin Village. which when she was a child she used to travel with her father and mother It is also very far from Seoul. And happened to meet Hong Du Shik, also known as Leader Hong, who both have different personalities and do not seem to get along very well. Every time we meet, it’s like tongue and teeth! But with meeting each other every day and going through a lot of stories Makes both of them feel good. Formed in their hearts. Friends can watch this series backwards on Netflix. I can only say that one word is not to be missed!

  • Home Town Cha Cha Cha | Official Trailer | Netflix

The series Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is considered the best series that we believe that many people will have to say to be number one. 1 is the plot is cute. When watching any scene, feel good rom-com, always inviting you to smile. It tells the love story of two people who are ordinary but very special. It also serves to enhance the cuteness by adding stories of the villagers of Gongjin Village. make it more interesting Each will have a different story like the concept of this series. which is not selling novelty but will sell mediocre but full of warmth There is a slow story, not too fast, but interesting to follow. Beautiful images, good mood, the atmosphere of Gongjin Village (Pohang City, South Korea) is really beautiful and catches the eye from every angle, and of course, the monks like 2 Superstars. Famous stars such as Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah also express themselves naturally. It made the audience feel like they were the characters, and the chemistry was so diffused. There will be lots of cute scenes in the story! Considered to be one of the number one favorite Korean dramas 🏻

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

4.) Business Proposal, blind date, get a chance to love the president

I haven’t left Mae Kao yet! The next story to tell that fans of the series will definitely love it is “Business Proposal, blind date, win love for the chairman” That’s it, by being one of The Base Series, a cute, cuddly style that #can’t take it anymore, another one! It tells the story of an ordinary girl, Shin Ha Ri, who is a food researcher at Geo Foods, who is asked to go on a blind date instead of Jin Young Seo, a close friend of G.O. you To make the man who was blind dated rejected, but then in this blind date changed his life. Shinhari forever because that man is President Kang Tae Moo who is the president of Geo Foods where she works! And even more than Peak is that Chairman Kang Tae Moo likes her funny quirks and really wants to marry her!? How will this love story be? You have to follow and watch. Friends can watch this series today on Netflix.

  • Busy Blind Date, Win Love the President | Official Trailer | Netflix

For the series Business Proposal, blind date, get excited about the president. It’s really one of the series that needs to be raised on the shelf. It’s based on the famous webtoon, The Office Blind Date, with a rom-com plot. look dry is funny No drama to hurt the brain It also proceeds well with the story so that you can wait to win according to the type that the screen edge is really waiting for every week. 🤣 Good mood, beautiful picture, insert a little cartoon into the gimmick of the series. And of course, this story is also appreciated for fitting the actors to their roles and matching the cartoon characters like Pae! Like the pair of monks-nang played by Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong, who can say that they played well, chemistry flared up, and they had the most bang. Aside from the main couple, the drama’s secondary monk, starring Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ha, has a lot of chemistry. There are hot scenes, spicy scenes that make many people have heart attacks. Until he dubbed the young Kim Min Kyu. That is a hot nerd ever. (No matter how cheesy it is, let’s see!!) Full of ranks like this, I can tell you that ‘I can’t watch it anymore’ 😘♥️

5.) Love Mechanics Kolrak Senior 2 (2022)

Coming to the next series that I can tell you that it’s famous like #I can’t take it anymore. Another story since I opened the camera! That is the series Boy Love. “Love Mechanics Kol Rak Senior 2”It’s the second part of En of love, a busy love of a young engineer – a love mechanic, a senior Love Mechanics who used to create a Hastag phenomenon. Number one across the country and the world has arrived! It is the story of Mark. Freshy boy he secretly likes Bar, which is a friend of V. But the bar already has a boyfriend. and his best friend V came to stop and interrupt. Both Mark and V didn’t like each other since then. But then an unexpected story arises when the two have a deep relationship and secretly have good feelings for each other. But it doesn’t seem like the story is easy because Pee Wee already has a girlfriend like Ploy.

  • Love Mechanics : WeTV ORIGINAL [Official Trailer]

For Love Mechanics, Khon Rak Senior 2 is really the cutest boy love series of the year. The story is a full narrative. of Brother V and Brother Mark tell a fun story good story look to enjoy a lot Also, I personally like the atmosphere in which the series is filmed. It is a beautiful view with the greenest nature from Khon Kaen University. which is the old university of the young war as well And that’s not to mention, probably not really, is that in the performance part, two young couples like Young Yin Anand and Young War Wanarat to perform together Let me tell you how satisfied the first part is, the second part is two times three times more fun haha ​​🥰 Both of them convey it well, deep, look really real, including seeing the development in The performances of both young men clearly leapfrogged over the first mission. There is a lot more natural causing people who have seen this story to appreciate the show very much, saying that it is one of the series that boy love can’t take anymore Don’t miss it!

You can follow and watch and support the busy love of Mark and P’ V at WeTV every Saturday at 21.00

6.) Cutie Pie. Still, you say you’re honest (2022)

And the great series that #can’t take it anymore, the last story It is recommended as a cute boy-love series like the story. Cutie Pie Sure enough, which is a series that is adapted from the novel of the same name. This is the story of Kua, also known as Ms. Nu Kua. He is a very cute young boy who is very fond of his own love, that is, Hia Lian, his fiancee and first love in his life. He’s a businessman with a no-nonsense, cold, and stubborn look! which Nu Kua was willing to change herself in everything in order to make Hia Lian turn back to love and be impressed. From this very beginning, Hian Lian saw Nu Kua’s dedication to transforming himself, and his heart began to tremble. No matter how this love story is, you have to follow and watch at Cutie Pie.

  • OFFICIAL TRAILER | Still Hia is naive | Cutie Pie Series

In the cutie pie series, still, he was naive. The story line was very well executed, the production mood images were very beautiful and eye-catching. Personally, we like the plot of the story very much. There is a good feeling, not heavy on the brain. It tells the story of the love story of two people with very different personalities and personalities. Which we will see the development of the characters step by step, giving a deeper understanding of each character It also inserts the story of a friend well. Looking at it, it’s very warm and inviting and I can’t tell you anything about it!! That is the diffuse chemistry of Xi Phruek and Nu New in the roles of Hia Lian and Nu Kua, who are very cute and fierce. Looks too embarrassed to be true. It’s called both on-screen and off-screen. It’s not flat, so it makes all mummies feel embarrassed and smile on their cheeks. 🫣🥰♥️🫶🏻 In addition, the actors in the story are fit for their roles. Very good show, very natural, making each other look like a long flow. I can tell you that the fans of the late series must not miss utie Pie. Still, brother calls it naive absolutely each other

It’s over for the 5 series that are super popular. The trend is so bad that #I can’t take it anymore. I have to say that all 5 series and 5 stories all have a plot. including actors who are fit for roles Makes the ratings trend hit each other very much, no matter which week on the air is so popular that the fans of each other can’t help but not talk about each other anyway. and in addition to the 5 series that can’t be beaten Let me tell you that you don’t miss it!🥰💘🫶🏻

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