6 hours of concert, 100 artists on Radio France

CONCERT. To support music and the French scene, Radio France is offering a giant concert on five of its antennas on Saturday 23 January.

[Mis à jour le 22 janvier 2021 à 16h42] An initiative to put a little balm in the hearts of concert and music lovers, deprived of festivities for almost a year now. Saturday 23 January, from 9 p.m., Radio France is organizing a HyperNuit, an exceptional evening in support of the music sector and its actors. This night, presented and initiated by Didier Varrod, Music Director of Radio France, Juliette Armanet and Malik Djoudi, brought together in the #etonremetleson collective, will be broadcast on France Inter, France Musique, France Bleu, Fip and Mouv ‘. On the program for this HyperNuit? Six hours of live and a hundred artists, who will take turns on the stage of studio 104 of the recently renamed Maison de la radio et de la musique.

The night will take place in two parts: from 9 pm to 2 am: the French scene in the spotlight then between 2 and 3 am Radio France reopens the Rex club with Pedro Winter, Antoine Molkhou, Mara, Madben, Yuksek and Kiddy Smile. “It’s been almost a year now that you haven’t attended a concert, not danced on a track, not sung loudly in a packed hall, not vibrated in unison on a song. It’s been almost a year. now that the world of live music has become one of silence, closed rooms, thwarted vocations. So to great evils, great remedies. To do good, to give strength, to repair, to also express our concern , our grief, our madness, we prepared the biggest concert that Radio France has ever given: a HYPERNIGHT, a radio night, all the live music to extend our support for the sector that we have been supporting for the month of March ”, explains Didier Varrod in the press release of the event.

Will be present: Juliette Armanet, Malik Djoudi, Benjamin Biolay, Miske, Antoine Jorel, Ensemble Ouranos, Mathilde Calderini, Noe Preshow, Clara Ysé, Léonie Pernet, Pierre Daven Keller, Barbara Carlotti, Thomas de Pourquery, Erik Truffaz, Saint DX, Mathias Malzieu, Olivia Ruiz, Jeanne Added, Jenny Beth, Hervé, Lujipeka, Yelle, Voyou, Keren Ann, Requin chagrin, Laura Cahen, Cléa, Vincent, Clou, UssaR, Bambino, Poupie, Eddy de Pretto, Yael Naim, Terre Noire, Zed Yun Pavarotti, Fils Cara, Rodolphe Menguy, Abel Cheret, Alex Beaupain, Léonie, Tim Dup, Silly boy Blue, Delgrès, Gael Faye, Jok’Air, Hatik, Arthur Teboul (Feu Chatterton), Pedro Winter, Yuksek, Madben, Kiddy Smile, Sebastien Tellier, Philippe D, Brigitte Batcave, Chet, Victoire Potovski, and many others … And we turn on the sound!

© Radio France

The question agitates the world of Culture, abandoned by the government since the start of the health crisis and the closure of cultural places for (too) many months. The executive had announced, in its calendar to reduce containment measures, the date of January 7 for the reopening of cultural places such as museums, theaters or cinemas. Invited Tuesday January 5 at the microphone of Thomas Sotto on RTL Soir, the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot spoke on the question.

“We have no visibility” declared the minister, going in the direction of the remarks made by the spokesperson of the government Gabriel Attal on January 1, who considered then “very unlikely that the theaters, the cultural places , theaters and cinemas, may reopen on January 7 due to the level of Covid-19 contamination which is on a fairly high plateau “.

“On December 15, we said that there would be on January 7, not a reopening, but a review clause, to see the state of health of the country. There was never any commitment to reopen the theaters at that time, “Roselyne Bachelot added on RTL, adding that museums could be the first cultural venues to reopen. As for the concert halls, it would seem that we should (still) take our troubles patiently …

Has Spain found a solution to resume concerts? On September 12, a test was carried out in the Apolo concert hall in Barcelona, ​​where nearly 500 people were able to attend a concert in accordance with a strict health protocol. An experiment organized by the German University Hospital Trias i Pujol in Badalone and the Foundation for the Fight against AIDS and Infectious Diseases. According to information from the Spanish daily The world , 463 attended the concert while 496 did not.

Before the concert, each of the spectators had been tested (negative of course) for Covid-19. The show took place according to a strict protocol: optimized ventilation, temperature of the monitored room and FFP2 mask for all. No social distancing was imposed. Result: no positive case was detected after this concert.

In France, several test concert projects would also be on the table. Different organizations, such as the Prodiss (National Union of producers, broadcasters, festivals and private theaters), the director of the Eurockéennes, We Love Green or Main Square festival came together in a “concert working group. test”. “We imagine rather a test concert in March, the idea being, in an ideal world, to join a calendar of the Ministry of Culture to begin to see the end of the tunnel”, explains to AFP Jean- Paul Roland, director of the Eurockéennes festival. “We have seen a lot of people, epidemiologists, laboratories, CNM (National Music Center, which financially helps the process), City of Paris (…), all that is missing is the ministerial decision, because it cannot be do that under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, and even those of Health and the Interior, “he continues.

For this project, several places are mentioned, in particular Paris or Marseille. “There will be scientific answers in the weeks that follow, but on an organizational level, we will have the answers the same day, in particular on the time and the logistics to foresee for saliva tests or PCR, for example, at the entrance “, develops the boss of the Eurocks to AFP. Two test concerts would already be screened in February, in Marseille and La Cigale in Paris. Subject to obtaining the approval of the health authorities.

A forum in July

“All standing against the kneeling of the music”. This is the title of a tribune, signed by more than 1,500 halls, concert producers, tourers, artists, labels, festivals and other players in the music industry, who are asking the government for action to save the sector. After four months of closure, all are asking for the resumption of concerts in “standing configuration”, banned for health reasons in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Today we are in a more than delicate economic, social and moral situation”, we read in this platform, whose authors deplore feeling “abandoned and despised by our public partners.”

Taking into account the current situation, the authorization of concerts in “standing configuration” can only be done with a strict sanitary protocol, to avoid any risk of propagation of the disease. coronavirus. But what the players in the sector are asking for is above all a recovery date. “We ask that we be given a precise date of reopening under normal gauge conditions, that is to say with a standing audience. If we have a concert planned for 1,500 people and that we are only allowed 300 it is simply not economically viable “, explains Didier Veillault of La Coopérative de Mai, at the origin of this forum, interviewed by Franceinfo.

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