6 Jimin top notes to appreciate his great vocal talent

Look at some presentations in which Jimin has left the fans impressed with their high notes.

Jimin is one of the artists of the K-pop more complete, the interpreter of Big Hit Entertainment have a vocal range that allows you to be very versatile in its I sing, has one of the voices more unique and with amazing abilities.

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Throughout the carrera of Jimin from BTS has worried about develop his voice, incredibly the member of the Bangtan Boys You can sing pop, ballads, darker themes and totally fun tunes.

Jimin complements their presentations and shows with his presence on stage, the originally from the city of Busan She has worked very hard to continue preparing to continue climbing as one of the figures plus important from music.

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The high notes they are not easy to emit, because the person who sings must have a very great power in the going and a very well developed technique to be able to work well on their vocal ranges.

On this occasion we present you 6 high notices Jimin has given ARMY and that makes it clear why it is one of the most recognized vowels of his generation.

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This is one of the most melancholic songs of BTS, requires a lot of feeling and vocal skills, the voice of Jimin It adapts very well to this concept and I give ARMY one of the high notes.



Lie‘ Belongs to album of ‘Wings’, Jimin I create a concept very dark for this song, the idol in addition to showing his musical work is one of the songs in which he most demonstrates his potential as a singer with different high notes.


Hold Me Tight

Jimin shares her excitement at special performances by BTS, the singer in ‘Hold Me Tight‘makes an extremely long note with a great vocal range.


2! 3!

Jimin sing a mighty high to show your love for your fans, ‘2! 3!’ of BTS It is a song of hope, the singer makes some very impressive high notes.



The solo song of Jimin It is one of the most emotional, in addition to expressing his emotions, he shares with his audience his interpretive quality and several high notes very good executed.


The Truth Untold

Always Jimin you have the opportunity to show your audience the best you do, Jimin complemented the song ‘The Truth Untold’ with a great high note on stage.


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  1. There is no doubt that Jimin is the most talented person I’ve ever known. Sometimes I think how can someone be so perfect.
    Thanks for sharing this post.


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