60 kg gold wedding: Groom’s gift 60 kg gold, difficult bride to walk on wedding day – this bride wore more than 60 kilograms of gold jewelery for wedding gifted by groom


  • This ‘rich wedding’ took place in the province of Hubei.
  • Someone who attended the wedding felt sorry for the bride and went to help
  • Locals believe that gold helps to get rid of evil spirits and bad luck.

If you think that wearing gold jewelery on special days like weddings is the only custom in our country, you are mistaken. What is the weight of the gold worn by the bride at a wedding in China at the end of last month? 60 kg.

This ‘rich wedding’ took place in the province of Hubei. Tribune Solo reports that wearing gold at weddings in this area is also considered auspicious. The bridegroom presented 60 gold necklaces weighing one kilogram each to the bride. The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. The ring is a gift from the groom’s family. The groom comes from a wealthy family in Hubei Province.

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Although wearing a huge necklace was considered a sign of dignity by many who attended the wedding, the bride found it difficult to walk around wearing such heavy gold. The bridegroom went to the bride ‘s house to help her, but she smiled softly and said that she could wear them until the wedding was over.

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Locals believe that gold is considered a symbol of good fortune and status and helps to get rid of evil spirits and bad luck. Images of the bride wearing huge gold necklaces and bracelets have gone viral on social media.


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