60% reduction in’Fortnight’ users exiting the App Store… Epic “Request for Court to Stop Retaliation” | Webzine Inventory

It was found that the number of iOS daily active users (DAU) of’Fortnight’ developed and serviced by Epic Games decreased by more than 60% after exiting the App Store.

Epic Games filed in the federal district court of the Northern District of California on the 4th. Application for Preliminary Temporary DispositionThis fact was revealed through. According to the preliminary injunction application, Epic Games defined Fortnite as not just a game, but as a kind of social community. However, he emphasized that this community of users who enjoy’Fortnight’ was severely damaged by the exit of the App Store, and that the DAU of iOS decreased by more than 60%, causing irreparable damage to Epic Games.

The total number of’Fortnight’ users is about 350 million, of which 161 million, which is a third of iOS users, which is a decrease of about 70 million.

Epic Games revealed its damage through a preliminary provisional injunction application, which is interpreted to emphasize the legitimacy of the return to the Fortnite App Store through a preliminary ban request hearing, which will be held soon.

On the 24th, local time in North America, a California court accepted part of a preliminary injunction filed by Epic Games on August 17th. However, the return of’Fort Knight’ was not accepted. This is because Epic Games decided that the exit from the App Store was self-initiated.

However, as Epic Games directly refuted the ruling through a preliminary provisional injunction application, it is expected to affect the hearing in the future.

Meanwhile, the preliminary ban request hearing is scheduled to take place on September 28th. However, with regard to the start of the trial preparation, Epic Games’ lawyers propose a schedule within six months and Apple proposes a later schedule, and the battle between Epic Games and Apple is expected to continue for a while.


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