6687 trillion won stimulus plan, before vaccination speed… Republicans are also “satisfied”

Biden’s 100 Days Seen by Correspondent

On the 29th, US President Joe Biden picked a dandelion and handed it to his wife, Jill Biden. [AFP=연합뉴스]

“Once you have dignity. Be honest and considerate of the people around you. When it comes to being the president, it is the appearance that comes to mind. It feels comfortable as it feels like it’s back to normal.”

Like Roosevelt,’American reconstruction’ all-out force
Declaration of a’big government’ to resolve the pandemic and recession
52% approval rating due to political polarization

List price “number of matches for next year’s midterm election”
Illegal immigration explosion, stumbling block to gun accidents

When asked for an evaluation of US President Joe Biden, who is 100 days in office on the 29th (local time), Michigan-based Kimberly Davis said: When I went to Michigan to cover the presidential election last year, he met him as a Republican all his life, but in the 2020 presidential election, he said that he would take Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate. He criticized the then-president Donald Trump for failing to properly practice the true value of conservatism. As such, it seemed to be able to more objectively evaluate the 100 days of the Biden government’s inauguration in the United States, which is divided into two branches: progressive and conservative.

He said of President Biden, “I am satisfied with the person who distinguishes between right and wrong,” but said, “As a Republican, I oppose the big government.” He also did not hide concerns that the economic stimulus plan promoted by President Biden was too large.

The average 100-day approval rate of 14 US presidents is 66%

President Biden’s report card, 100 days after the start of his term of office, was found to be below average, unlike positive internal and external evaluations. In a joint survey by ABC Broadcasting and The Washington Post, President Biden got 52% of the support. It is higher than former President Trump (42%), which was the lowest in history, but is on the lower side compared to other former presidents. The average 100-day approval rating of 14 presidents, from Harry Truman to Biden, was 66%.

Graphic = Reporter Park Chun-hwan park.choonhwan@joongang.co.kr

Graphic = Reporter Park Chun-hwan [email protected]

Jonathan Wyler, a professor at the University of North Carolina, said, “It is difficult to get high approval ratings even if the best person in the United States, such as Jesus, becomes president.” I will have no choice but to stay at,” he said.

The tradition of evaluating the first 100 days of U.S. presidential office began with former President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). In its inaugural speech, the FDR laid the groundwork for policies such as the 100-day New Deal after proclaiming the reconstruction of the US. President Biden, who took power amid the two major crises of Corona 19 and the economic downturn, also made his motto’Build Back Better’. It was determined to continue the genealogy of progressive Democratic leaders such as the FDR through investment in super-large infrastructure, paid sick leave, and support for childcare.

Like the FDR, President Biden ran sprinting like running 100m for the past 100 days. In March, two months after taking office, it was an unusual pace since it signed a bill worth $1.9 trillion (about 2118 trillion won) in the US relief plan. The US$2.5 trillion US Job Plan and the US 1.8 trillion US Family Plan were also followed. President Biden went further and declared a’big government’ as a solution that could solve the corona pandemic and economic downturn at once. When the budget is added together, it amounts to 6 trillion dollars (6687 trillion won). On the 28th of last month, in a joint speech by the House and the House of Representatives, it was given meaning as “a bill of one size whether it will come out once in a generation or not.”

The 220 million dose of the Corona 19 vaccine was also a record achievement. As a result of a general offensive, such as speeding up vaccine distribution and expanding vaccination facilities, more than half (54.9%) of American adults received the vaccine at least once. In response, the Washington government has analyzed that “because President Biden must see a match within this year to win next year’s midterm elections.” The US public radio NPR also said, “President Biden is in a situation where he must somehow produce tangible results this year.” “All current policies are focused on winning the midterm elections.”

President Biden was also lucky to benefit from the’heritage’ left by former President Trump. Three types of Corona 19 vaccines currently in use in the United States, Pfizer, Modena, and Janssen, were developed by former President Trump during his tenure. As a result of unconditionally investing in six pharmaceutical companies through the’super-high-speed operation’ plan, some of them first came to fruition. This allowed the Biden administration to put the vaccine into the arms of Americans soon after taking office.

Trump’s policy was also inherited by hard line measures against China and the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. It also did not withdraw high tariffs on Chinese-made products imposed by former President Trump. It is evaluated that there is a possibility to use it as leverage in future negotiations with China.

Lucky to see the Trump vaccine’super-fast operation’

However, the challenge is also daunting. As a major issue that immediately undermines President Biden’s approval rating, the explosion of illegal immigration processes across the Mexican border is cited. A series of firearms, hatred by Asians, and the excessive suppression of people of color by the police are also expected to act as a burden on the Biden government.

Americans who voted for President Biden wanted more than anything else to’back to normalcy’. Right now, Trump’s spontaneous, time-and-place-time tweets stopped, and’peace’ came to Washington as well. In fact, Trump’s’Tweet Announcement’, which had been stiffening key ministers or proposing policies in a hurry, disappeared, and instead, the White House, the State Department and the Department of Defense are giving regular briefings five days a week. It feels like eating a food containing artificial seasonings (MSG) and then tasting the patient’s diet with little liver. In some ways, it’s hard to find a’bounce’ move that makes you feel like a’no jam (no fun)’ president.

Biden, the oldest president at the age of 78, seems to be conscious of his age and is already interested in the’legacy’ he will leave behind. In this regard, the BBC said, “It can be seen from this level that President Biden invited presidential historians to the White House in late March to discuss the limitations of presidential power and lessons from predecessors.”

President Biden’s success is expected to be outlined starting next year’s midterm elections. As seen in previous cases, it is a separate matter between the president’s good performance in the first 100 days and whether he can maintain his approval rating until the end of his term. Former President Ronald Reagan was not highly anticipated at the beginning of his term, but he is considered one of the most successful presidents in modern American history. On the other hand, former President Jimmy Carter had a high approval rating on the 100th day of his inauguration, but failed re-election and remained as a single president. It means that the beginning is halfway, but the future steps will be more important.

Washington = Correspondent Park Hyun-young [email protected]

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