69 is still cool! “Khao Carabao” unleashes the coolest sound in the middle of the program “GUESS MY AGE”

69 Young Jaew “Kheaw Carabao” unveils the coolest sound in the middle of the program “GUESS MY AGE” revealing that Covid has poisoned! Close the steak shop. Prepare to open for online sales.

I must say that 69 is still really cool for “Green Carabao” or “Kirati Phromsakha Na Sakon Nakhon” Legend of music for life in the hearts of many people, most recently, Pa Khiao joined as a keynote speaker on the show. “GUESS MY AGE I know my face, I don’t know my age” on Channel 7HD (aired on Friday, August 27, 2021) for two young men Pound-Watcharin Pungsuk (P-HOT) and Dream-Supakrit Thinchan (DREAMHIGH) Guess the age and get the correct answer is 69 years. Let’s take the bonus money back home.

In this event, Pa Khieo does not miss to show famous songs such as songs. “Rainy Promise” what the green papa said “It’s a song that has saved my whole life. and tricky with this song all the time Some events sing this song up to 3 times in one night”, known as Pa Khiao, was able to release full power with a cool guitar solo show. to be heard live Ready to update the adjustment and living in the situation of the current covid-19 epidemic by preparing to open online steak sales

by Green Carabao Revealed that “I’m starting to think about doing online sales. as a person who likes to cook and then opened a steakhouse named “Laos Steak, Green Papaya, Carabao” Because now the shop can’t open. I did it myself with someone to help me too. As for the concert, there will be 40 Carabao concerts, but when the covid epidemic comes, I don’t know when. It’s moving out. must wait and see As for the music, I’m doing it with the youngsters under the agency. Zinc Record Start making an album to pass on to your children. And then I have to go fishing with young singers. keep collecting Sing with some Lukthung, some rap, some genres. Working with the new generation is fun. Got a variety of new ideas.

For living during this period, try to take care of yourself to be healthy. exercise regularly The most common food for lunch Breakfast is just poached eggs, bread, coffee and light in the evening. And now I’m raising a puppy. will fight every day is that he loves us very much And we love him very much too. Therefore, daily life will be with him, taking care of him, busy with him. And now there’s another one as a new son.
In the evening, take them for a walk. sleep together I’m happy. Life is nothing much There are only three things in life: music, food, and puppies (smiles).”

Follow the atmosphere with the beautiful songs of Pa Khiao, including the technique of predicting the age of the two young men “Pound P-HOT – Dream Dream High” that can answer the age of Pa Khiao correctly. This can be reversed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-rt5FG00C4 and other fun More in the program “GUESS MY AGE I know the face, I don’t know my age” every Thursday – Friday at 18.00 on Channel 7HD number 35

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