6ix9ine provokes Los Angeles rappers

The troll remakes his own.

It is an understatement to say that the passage of 6ix9ine in Los Angeles is not done in serenity. Threatened by The Game and Reason for his tribute to Nispsey Hussle, he saw Slim 400 write his disgust right on the skin with a “Fuck 69” tattoo. However, the New York rapper does not stop his show, on the contrary. He distributed money in the streets and in one of his last videos on Instagram, he simply said that he was at home, that Los Angeles was his city. The provocation too much?

He first gave money to homeless people with the following caption: “In the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, it is my city, I love it and I take care of its inhabitants”. He may be sincere but with Tekashi, we can’t help but see provocation everywhere and we could read there this implication addressed to the local rappers: “you don’t do anything for them …”

Then, posed in a swimming pool, he declares his love to “his city” and tell that “all these people [l]’love! “. One more stone thrown in the garden of his detractors like The Game especially that he adds: “They said I could never come again …” referring to the many threats he had received.

Eventually, 6ix9ine left town, coerced and coerced by his security team. In his last video, we see a mastiff putting him on his back and boarding him in a private jet when he wanted to stay. That said, maybe it was time …

The point is, he ridiculed anyone who predicted death for him if he returned to LA. Not only did he come but he strutted, multiplying the provocations without anything happening to him …


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