6ix9ine turns on Lil Durk

6ix9ine sends dirty things to Lil Durk, by insulting your dead pal King Von.

You are not unaware that on November 6, the young hope of the rap game King Von died in Atlanta, following his injuries resulting from a shooting that broke out the day before. Shooting during which King Von had started hostilities. Very close to Lil Durk (both were from Chicago), so it’s normal to see your big brother in music pay tribute to him in his new album, “The Voice”, released on December 24. Not for 6ix9ine, who decided to keep attacking Lil Durk head-on.

Like always, 6ix9ine took the foulest angle possible when claiming that Lil Durk is using the King Von name to increase sales (55,000 according to estimates). He also implies that Durk is supported by “the industry”, unlike him. We therefore feel a nice touch of jealousy on his part, but the worst is yet to come: “King Of Rest In Piss”, he wrote at the end of his message. We can hardly do worse disrespecting someone who has been dead for not even two months.

Obviously, 6ix9ine’s still looking for attention since the flop of “TattleTales”, released in September and which sold 3 times less than forecast. So he mostly has looks pretty jealous of the relative success of one of his biggest rivals, Lil Durk, and the treatment reserved for it by the public and industry. Except that Lil Durk did not throw 60 people to the FBI and does not spend his time wanting to start a clash or a shootout, him …

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