7 Best Universities to Study Technology

In this 21st century of the digital age, getting technology knowledge has become more critical than ever as individuals keep making discovery and innovation. Universities have even intensified further development to ensure that technology faculties are well equipped to ensure that students get practical knowledge needed to exploit and develop a new version of the technology. For example, an individual can be a programmer and not have any degree related to it. Still, with Universities now upgrading, we now have courses such as “programmers-scientist” and many more.


In the world today, the era of becoming an astronaut is now gone, software technology is now the hottest trend the world is currently looking out for; Facebook marked a new era for it. Recently, programming courses have been on the increase in 2020, and it has increased by more than 50%, unlike the previous year when it is only done out of passion. These courses include Software Engineering, JavaScript courses, and school children programming courses, web development and the standard technology that is common.


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Munich Technical University

This University is known with the title of elite University as it is well-equipped with the biggest and the best computer science faculties in Germany. Aside from that, the University is a registered member of TU9 association of leading technical universities in Germany, and it has been in existence for more than 15 years.


Programs offered in this University are standard of modern informatics which include economic informatics, bioinformatics, software engineering, game development and many more. There are six bachelor degree programs and seven master’s programs, all of which are studied in English.

University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford has been a global giant in the scientific world, and technology is not excluded. International students have affirmed that what makes students grab technology knowledge quickly in Oxford University is the ability to teach the theoretical aspect of computational science correctly. Students even confirmed that even if a student does not know any specific programming language, the University will instil the confidence through their teaching and practice. It is the right choice.


This University has a field of an applied informatics training program that is highly valued, and their graduates are highly specialized in programming and economics. Recently, the University management added Economics Informatics to the University diploma course, which has made them in high demand in information marketing technology. The University is also well-grounded in mobile application development, and so-called Cloud Computing, information security and many more. They also offer internship programs which allow a student to practice.

University of Cambridge

Currently, in Europe, the University of Cambridge is known and recognized as the best instructive place of learning where data innovation is studied in-depth. Cambridge is highly sought after because of its grants which are separated for a study program, specialty and understudy nation which covers undergraduates and doctoral programs.

Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technologies

Japanese and Polish governments found the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technologies in 1994 due to an agreement, and its abbreviation “PJATK” is well known. It is situated in the centre of Warsaw.


PJATK is an ideal University where IT technologies are learned; it has a high rating as a leading university and highest of employers of graduates around the world. It has a standard lab filled with modern computer software and equipment that offer to learn such as stationary and mobile robots, 3D scanners, unique multimedia installations, touch interfaces, graphic stations based on iMac, and much more. The most outstanding trait of this school is that you get to enjoy free Wi-Fi as a student.


The University is also renowned for its Student Self-Government — where students get support benefits such as assistance in the implementation of ideas and initiatives, integration trips, organization of events, student life, and conferences. Also, there are favourable conditions for student realization for potentials in considerable scientific interest, and sports activities are done in tournaments and sections.

Changchun University of Science and Technology

Do you have an interest in studying courses such as laser technology, biomedical engineering and optoelectronic engineering? Changchun University is the place to be as its technical courses have ranked amidst the top 20 in the world around the last ten years. The above courses mentioned are one of its most substantial areas with their graduates proving useful in solving real-life technology problems. 


This University has a rich history of France. Founded in 1974, it has its regional centres all over France and in some parts of the world with technology as one of its main focus aside from management, educational programs, science and lifelong learning principles of working professionals. Over the years, it has actively participated in international contracts, national and international conferences as well as economic and scientific research. The University also boasts of working with prominent civic society organizations and French companies. It manages the Paris Museum of Science and Technology that has hosted more than 200 conferences, exhibitions and seminars annually.


Technology has become much more demanded due to the pandemic that shook the world unaware. There is now a paradigm shift into the digital marketing industry. Firms and organizations need more technology experts to save them the cost of operation by helping them build complex technology programs that can perform a human exhibition. Presently, a technology internship individual earns a minimum of $1000 salary, while mid-level and high-level technology inclined individuals earn a robust salary. The universities mentioned above have the required environment to thrive and gain in-depth technology knowledge, hurry now for application, and you may as well be what the world is waiting for to discover new technology innovation.

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