7 things that can silently harm your heart and cause you to have a heart attack

Concern about the high incidence of heart attacks has led to calls for greater public awareness of heart risks, as previous heart attacks were a concern for the elderly and were very uncommon among young people. Heart attacks Now popular among people of all ages, genders, and socio-economic groups.

Young people today have a high chance of having a heart attack despite their lifestyle or medical problems, and it is crucial to understand current risk factors for heart attacks and what can be done to reduce the risk.

Things that can destroy your heart health

site explains healthsite7 things that can silently damage the heart and make an individual vulnerable to a heart attack and other diseases associated with poor heart health.:


when exposed to the body to stressIt not only affects the brain but also causes anxiety and nervousness which can affect the blood circulation in the body and thus cause heart diseases. The body can manage stress for a few minutes or a few hours, but the stressful environment for days can be fatal. To make the work and home environment less stressful.

Corona virus disease

It has been proven that people who suffer from lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma are more likely to develop heart disease. Since Corona is a lung disease, it can cause inflammation of the heart muscle (inflammation of the heart muscle), which increases the risk of heart disease. People who have been infected with Corona take better care of their hearts because they are more vulnerable.

Critical health conditions

Preexisting health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes have been shown to increase the risk of heart disease

Previous heart disease

A person who has already suffered a mini-stroke or other heart attack is more likely to suffer as the heart becomes weak and more likely to be damaged.

Excessive exercise

New cases of heart attacks in people who go to the gym and lead a broadly healthy lifestyle may seem surprising, but like any other organ, if the heart is stressed, it can malfunction and stop, so it is important to know your body’s limits and only do heavy exercises regularly. Gradual and slow

stop smoking

It is important that people with heart disease should stop smoking because both substances can worsen the symptoms of a heart attack. The causes of heart attacks in both the young and the elderly can be the same, but people can reduce their risk of a heart attack by By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, becoming more in tune with their bodies, and doing regular check-ups. Moreover, it is important to be aware of the early indications of heart disease, such as chest pain, malaise, chronic fatigue, coughing or wheezing for no apparent reason, and rapid heart rate. Heartbeat.

If such symptoms occur, the individual should immediately seek medical attention and get tested for heart problems. Although such alarming statistics of heart attack cases are alarming, people should remember that the risks of such cases can be reduced with a little bit of caution and precautions. ins.

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