70% of positions are unfilled, according to the CGT

Emergency personnel at Laval hospital are facing a serious shortage of doctors. According to the CGT, there is a shortage of 70% of doctors in the service, which therefore operates in slow motion. To denounce these working conditions, some of the staff have been on strike since Saturday, October 9 : they call on hospital management to find lasting solutions.

The care of patients is often very long in the emergency room of the Laval hospital because of the shortage of doctors. © Radio France
Maïwenn Bordron

“It’s not normal to fire people”

The scene is repeated at Laval hospital: patients are piling up in the emergency room. _We still have people who have been there since 7:30 p.m. yesterday, others 4 in the morning or midnight “_, points to Amélie, a caregiver in the service, when it is 1 p.m. that day. And to add: “It’s just unacceptable that there aren’t enough beds in the hospital“.

The shortage of doctors in the emergency room has consequences for the care of patients. Regularly, Mélanie, a nurse in the emergency department, is not at ease when she works. “We redirect people either to the polyclinic, or to the Mayenne or Château-Gontier hospital. We work days when there is a single doctor for the entire department and that is impossible to manage with a hundred visits per day“, underlines this nurse on strike.”Of course, we don’t tell people who have such serious things to come back the next day, but for example, your child is injured, he has a small wound on his head, we will see you, we will put a bandage on you. We will tell you that it is not very serious and that we will have to come back tomorrow to be sutured“, explains Amélie, the nursing assistant on strike.

For example, last night, we have a doctor who came back to do the night shift when he was not supposed to work.
Amélie, nursing assistant at Laval hospital

Some emergency sectors are even more affected by this shortage. For example, a substitute doctor was called in as a backup this weekend in trauma. “He came all weekend, from 12:30 p.m. until midnight, which still helped us out. It avoided sending people away, but that means that _all morning we worked without a doctor__. We understand that there is a medical desertification, but at one point, we cannot work without a doctor “, emphasizes Amélie, one of the nursing assistants.

Sometimes doctors from other departments come to help their colleagues in the emergency room. This situation is not tenable, according to the striking staff. “We are still the referral emergency service in Mayenne because Laval is still the referral hospital, and it is not normal not to have enough doctors and to send people away.“, denounces Amélie, the nursing assistant on strike.

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