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The 70-year-old director Zhang Jizhong divorced his ex-wife in 2016 and immediately married the 31-year-old assistant Du Xinglin the following year, and welcomed the birth of two children one after another. However, the age gap between the two always became the focus of outside irony, but the sweet wife’s energy for him was still Being so vigorous, he praised “physical strength is better than many young people.” Recently, the couple was shooting a video with their young daughter. Netizens discovered that the wife’s belly was bulging, and it was crazy that she was pregnant with three children, which aroused heated discussion.

▲70-year-old director Zhang Jizhong married back 31-year-old assistant Du Xinglin in 2017. (Picture/Reverse photo from Weibo/Zhang Jizhong)

Zhang Jizhong and his wife Du Xinglin have entered their fourth year of marriage. His wife gave birth to two children for him within three years. Recently, the couple often share their happy family life on the audio-visual platform. Unexpectedly, they updated a team on the 29th to show up together. A large number of netizens found that under the loose dress of the woman’s abdomen, he was holding his little daughter into the mirror. He also added the text “A new spring is coming at home.” Pregnant with a third child.

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▲70-year-old Zhang Jizhong is too energetic and hit again! The 31-year-old wife

▲70-year-old Zhang Jizhong is too energetic and hit again! The 31-year-old wife

▲ Du Xinglin’s lower abdomen is slightly convex and is suspected of being pregnant with three children. (Picture / flip from Douyin / Zhang Jizhong)

In this regard, after the news that Du Xinglin was suspected of having three children after four years of marriage was exposed, it caused a large number of netizens to discuss. They asked in the message area “Are there any new members?” “Is it a third child?” “Wife is pregnant again.” “?” Zhang Jizhong responded to the emoji of 3 roses. The ambiguous message seemed to default to the rumor of the third child, but the difference between the two parties was 31 years old. In addition to the fans who offered their blessings, many netizens still complained about “female.” It’s for the money,” “How to be like a child-bearing machine after marriage”, and “Standing together is like three generations in the same house”, which caused heated discussions.

▲70-year-old Zhang Jizhong is too energetic and hit again! The 31-year-old wife

▲ Zhang Jizhong responded to netizens, suspecting that his wife was pregnant with three children by default. (Picture / flip from Douyin / Zhang Jizhong)

In fact, at the end of August, Zhang Jizhong and Du Xinglin posted a video of a family of four, writing, “The magpie branch is called Chacha, is something good coming?” At that time, his wife was wearing a better-fitting dress, so he was uploading it. Before the film, the wife’s belly was specially treated with blurring effects, and she was suspected of being pregnant with three children at that time.

▲70-year-old Zhang Jizhong is too energetic and hit again! The 31-year-old wife

▲Zhang Jizhong had previously published the film and coded on his wife’s belly, so he was suspected of having a third child. (Picture / flip from Douyin / Zhang Jizhong)

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