71-year-old Pugacheva in a dress with scarlet suspenders had fun at Zaitsev’s. Video

The prima donna was published with Maxim Galkin. They wished the couturier a happy birthday and enjoyed a colorful evening.

Alla Pugacheva. Photo: Globallookpress.com

Alla Pugacheva remains a style icon for many. Several years ago, she lost a lot of weight, and also changed her wardrobe. It was rumored that the singer had replaced the stylist. However, designer Igor Gulyaev, maestro Valentin Yudashkin and other fashion gurus often give her outfits. Last year, the prima donna rarely left the castle. She herself arranged gatherings with friends in the garden. But now the singer is making up for lost time.

The other day, Alla Borisovna held an evening visiting Yudashkin and his wife Marina. And on March 2, she went to Vyacheslav Zaitsev, who celebrates his birthday. The singer decided to congratulate him personally. The designer arranged a luxurious celebration with a show, where live music played, artists sang and models paraded in his creations.

For such an occasion, Pugacheva dressed in a black blouse with bare shoulders and trousers with scarlet suspenders, which were combined in scale with an unusual flower hat and veil. The artist loves flirty headdresses for a long time. She also did makeup to highlight her plump lips and sharp cheekbones.

Galkin accompanied his wife. He captured her during a show in the company of the birthday boy, who dressed up in a suit and sunglasses. When the Prima Donna noticed that she was being filmed, she first clung to Maxim’s shoulder, and then smiled and began to show off, turning up the veil. She had some fun in the midst of the party.

“This is a video,” said the showman.

Apparently, Zaitsev gathered everyone in the theater. Among the guests were also Lev Leshchenko and other famous persons. However, Alla Borisovna was able to outshine everyone.

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