73-year-old Tsui Hark is a father and a 30-year-old assistant who is “very pregnant” and his 36-year-old wife was questioned by Lin Qingxia | Entertainment | CTWANT

Tsui Hark and Lele have been in a stable relationship for many years. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

The 73-year-old well-known director Tsui Hark has directed classic works such as “The True Colors of Heroes”, “A Chinese Ghost Story”, and “Once Upon a Time”. He is known as a movie genius. After divorcing his ex-wife Shi Nansheng in 2014, he fell in love with his 30 year old girlfriend Le Le, the relationship between the two is stable, and now it is revealed that this great director is about to be promoted to be a father. It turned out that Lele was filmed by the Chinese paparazzi a few days ago with a big belly, which shocked many netizens.

73-year-old famous director Tsui Hark is rumored to be a father. (Picture / flip from Weibo of Kuge Starchaser Diary)

From the pictures taken by mainland paparazzi, it can be seen that Tsui Hark and his girlfriend Lele are walking hand in hand by the embankment. The woman is wearing a white fur cap and a white T-shirt, but her belly is still slightly swollen. The outside world speculates that she may be pregnant , After the two walked, they returned to the cohabitation love nest together.

Tsui Hark was married to well-known producer Shi Nansheng in the past, but the two have always been top Hakkas. When the two were husband and wife, they were known as the best partners in the Hong Kong film industry. For decades, Tsui Hark’s films have been played by Shi Nansheng Producer or producer, his film career is inseparable from Shi Nansheng. For 36 years, Shi Nansheng once wanted to have children, but Tsui Hark refused on the grounds that he was a Hakka.

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Unexpectedly, Tsui Hark divorced Shi Nansheng at the age of 64. The two have not yet announced the news of their divorce. When Tsui Hark and Lele reported their relationship, Shi Nansheng calmly said “It’s been a long time”, so it was also rumored that Tsui Hark was cheating in marriage , Even Shi Nansheng’s girlfriends Lin Qingxia and Zhang Aijia couldn’t help questioning and reprimanding Tsui Hark face to face, but Shi Nansheng only said, “The matter between two people only exists between two people and has nothing to do with a third party.”

Now his ex-wife Shi Nansheng has no children, and Lele is also in her 40s, but her belly is full of “pregnancy” and she is considered an advanced mother. The outside world is quite surprised by this. Netizens said, “Isn’t it normal to separate and reunite? It won’t damage their respective brilliance”, “Sometimes even after giving birth, it may not be complete. The parties themselves have no regrets about their choices, and it is more important to live out themselves.”

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