76% of viewers will return to theaters when the pandemic ends

76% of viewers will return to movie theaters when the pandemic is over. That is, at least, the data that is extracted from the survey carried out by Toluna, a company specialized in online research, among 1,052 people of legal age in order to know the point of view of consumers on the film industry .

The truth is that the coronavirus pandemic has put the rooms in check. Many have had to close due to the need to reduce capacity since the ‘majors’ have been delaying their big blockbusters for a year. 74% of the Spanish respondents trust that it is something specific and that it will be resolved when the pandemic passes. In addition, 29% affirm that it is not only the current atypical situation, but also the fact that platforms are absorbing a lot of industry.

Without a doubt, the most hopeful data is that 76% affirm that they will return to theaters, when the covid-19 ends. Many of them will do it in the same way as before and others predicting that we will have lost rooms along the way. In addition, 75% of viewers prefer movie theaters to consume movies, followed by platforms and drive-in movies.


They doubt more, on the other hand, when asked if a newborn will contemplate the cinema in the future as part of their usual leisure options: 56% believe so, while 44% do not believe it at all.

Only 7% of those surveyed affirm that they go to the cinema with the same assiduity with which they did before the pandemic and there is the paradox that some of them go even more times now. On the other hand, 42% continue to go to the movies, but less regularly. 53% say they have not gone to the movies at all this year, 39% have gone to the movies between one and five times and the rest more than five times.

They do not attend or do so less for the following reasons: 64% say that due to fear of contagion, followed by the closing of cinemas, the few releases, the opportunity offered by the platforms at home and, ultimately, by the high price of a ticket.


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